5 Best Home Security Systems to Protect Your Home this Summer (2024)

Did you know that burglaries and home invasions spike in the summer and that homes without home security systems are 300% more likely to be robbed? If you didn’t, you’re part of the 75% of homeowners who don’t have a home security system. No one wants to believe a home invasion will happen to them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, we compiled a list of our top five home security systems on the market so you can start protecting your home today.

As a DIY network, we specifically chose user-friendly home security systems that are available at the most popular hardware stores and can be easily installed.

Because of the variety of home security products, we compared each brand’s security doorbells as a base to compare price and performance.

Home Security Systems

  • eufy
  • Ring
  • SimpliSafe
  • Google Nest
  • Blink

eufy HomeBase 3 Home Security System

eufy, an Anker brand, was launched in 2016 and started selling home security products in 2018. eufy may be younger than some of its top competitors, but it’s already on its third generation of home security products which contain some of the industry’s top innovation features. These features include AI-enhanced motion detection for fewer false alarms, BionicMind™ that differentiates between family and friends from strangers, and the best local storage on the market.

For its third generation, eufy prioritized local storage so users could easily access security footage compared to cloud-based systems, and have less reliance on subscription services.


  • Provides various easy-to-install options: hardwire, or rechargeable batteries with solar-powered options.
  • Does not require a base home security product or subscription service for use.
  • Optional eufy HomeBase 3 enhances existing eufy home security products and provides up to 16 TB of local storage.
  • Consumers can choose a more affordable, traditional video doorbell, or upgrade to eufy 3-in-1 Video Smart Lock option.
  • Experience 2k video, AI-enhanced motion sensing and BionicMind™ prevent false alarms and can differentiate family and friends from strangers.


  • A whole eufy home security system setup throughout your property can be expensive.
  • Select products have limited power and installation options.

Base Price for Video Doorbell:$179.99 for eufy Home Security Systems S340 Video Doorbell.

Where to Buy eufy: Amazon, The Home Depot, Lowe’s.

TIA Review: Does eufy HomeBase 3 Actually Improve eufy Door Lock, Doorbell & Cameras?

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Ring Home Security System

Ring launched in 2013 and quickly became one of the most well-known home security brands on the market. The original Ring Doorbell helped popularize consumer home security systems due to its easy installation, ease of use, and affordability, and Ring did not require consumers to invest in monthly or annual subscription services. Even as more brands have entered the market, Ring Security remains popular among consumers.

Amazon bought Ring in 2018. This has kept Ring accessible as it has evolved to provide more advanced products. Today, Ring is one of the more high-end consumer home security systems on the market.


  • Base Ring Video Doorbell features include two-way talk, 3D motion detection with bird’s eye detection, and 1536p HD+ video resolution with head-to-toe video quality.
  • Set activity zones for fewer false alarms.
  • Has package detection with separate Ring Protect™ Plan.
  • Ring’s large selection of home security products is Alexa-compatible for total smart home integration.
  • A total Ring Home Security Alarm System is available for total home security (subscription required).
  • Users can set cameras to “Home” or “Away” mode to optimize security for different situations.


  • Most expensive of the five home security systems.
  • Does not have a Ring brand door lock system.
  • Other brands offer features like package detection without a subscription.

Base Price for Video Doorbell:$229 for Ring Battery Doorbell PRO, 2024 release.

Where to Buy Ring: Amazon, The Home Depot, Lowe’s.

TIA Review:Ring Doorbell Review (2016).

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SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe has been around since 2006 and has remained a prominent name in consumer home security systems. SimpliSafe’s main priority has always been home security and prides itself on police response times thanks to its products. Because SimpliSafe is more focused on high-security alarm systems SimpliSafe appeals to consumers who are also considering a home security subscription service. However, SimpliSafe still offers reasonably priced home security products and features that don’t require a subscription and even provides 24/7 contract-free home monitoring services.


  • Video doorbell features include 1080p HD video, 162-degree field of view, two-way audio, and night vision.
  • Smart Person Detection differentiates friends and family from strangers.
  • Create “Activity Zones” to direct camera to focus on specific areas and prevent false alarms.
  • Offers a variety of advanced security features like SimpliSafe window and door sensors.
  • Offers a SimpliSafe 8-piece Wireless Home Security System with Alexa and Google integration for no-contract 24/7 monitoring.
  • No subscription required.


  • Video quality lacks in comparison to similarly priced competitor products.
  • Most security features are reliant on subscription plan, leading to a more expensive product overall.

Base Price for Video Doorbell:$169.99 for SimpliSafe 1080p Video Doorbell (VPD301).

Where to Buy SimpliSafe: Amazon, The Home Depot, Lowe’s.

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Google Nest Home Security System

Google is one of the most popular brands in the world and its products touch almost every aspect of our lives, especially after the launch of Google Nest and Google Home products. Google Nest first launched in 2011, but the first Google Nest Video Doorbell did not come out until 2018.


  • Has a 1280 x 960 video resolution.
  • Google Nest camera differentiates between people, packages, animals, and vehicles.
  • Record and store up to three hours of live-event video history to Google Home app, or store up to one hour locally during WiFi outages.
  • Consumers can choose a more affordable, traditional video doorbell, or upgrade to Google X Yale Tamper-Proof with Google Nest-integration option.
  • Google offers a huge variety of security and home products that integrate for a total smart home integration.


  • Overall limited external and local storage without subscription.
  • Not the best video quality for the price.

Base Price for Video Doorbell:$179.99 for Google Nest Video Doorbell, 2nd Generation.

Where to Buy Google Nest: Amazon, The Home Depot, Lowe’s.

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Blink Home Security System

Blink was created by Amazon in 2008, making it older than other home security systems on this list. As mentioned earlier, Ring is also owned by Amazon. Despite owning two home security brands Amazon has worked hard to improve each brand. Ring appears to have some higher-end features, while Blink offers consumers a quality home security system at a more affordable price. However, Blink should not be confused for a“budget brand” home security system.

Blink still offers two-way talk, two-year battery life, and Chime app alerts for a fraction of the price compared to competitors. Blink may lack in picture quality or advanced motion detection, but is a quality home security system for those with a small budget or with light security needs.

Blink security products are actually popular among RV’ers due to their affordability.


  • An affordable yet quality home security system with all the base features that consumers are interested in: video, two-way talk, up to two-year battery life, easy installation, and phone alerts.
  • Pay as low as $59.99 for a Blink Video Doorbell or $199 for Blink Whole Home Bundle with a video doorbell plus three indoor/outdoor cameras (package is less than some competitors’ video doorbells).
  • No subscription service required.


  • Lacks HD photo quality.
  • Lacks more advanced motion detection.

Base Price for Video Doorbell:$69.99 for Blink Video Doorbell, Full Home System.

Where to Buy Blink: Amazon, The Home Depot, Lowe’s.

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Final Thoughts on Home Security Systems

We reviewed five great home security systems today and it’s honestly impossible for us to tell you which system is the best for your home. Different consumers have different needs and budgets, and each of these brands has products and features that make them worthy of consideration. However, we can label what we think each brand is best for.

Top 5 Home Security Systems Summary

  • Best Storage & Privacy: eufy allows you to store 16 TB (that’s months of data) locally that isn’t shared to any cloud or external source. Your data belongs 100% to you.
  • Best Tech: eufy & Ring are neck and neck, but ultimately we think Ring has the best features and performance based on reviews. Ring is also one of the most accessible home security brands and has a huge selection of products that are Alexa compatible. However, all these features come at the highest price tag.
  • Best Alarm System:SimpliSafe has the best products and subscription services for detecting and reporting break-ins.
  • Best Smart Home:Google products go beyond home security and branch out into total home entertainment and ease. Google has the largest selection of integrated products that can be accessed with one of the most used platforms in the world.
  • Best Budget Brand:Blink by far offers the best prices while still providing consumers with a quality home security system.

I hope you learned a bit today about home security systems and found one that fits your needs. If you already have one of these systems, let us know about your experience and if you recommend that brand and your list of products.

5 Best Home Security Systems to Protect Your Home this Summer (2024)
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