Dana Perino Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Ethnicity, Height (2024)

Dana Perino: Biography in Details

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Who is Dana Perino?

Dana Perino is an American political commentator and author. She is the second female White House Press Secretary.

She is also a political commentator for Fox News’ The Daily Briefing w Dana Perino and co-hosts the talk showThe Five‘.

Dana has been a former Press Secretary to George W. Bush.

Dana Perino: Bio, Age(51), Siblings, Parents, Ethnicity

Dana Perino was born on May 9, 1972, in Evanston, Wyoming, U.S.A. Her birth name is Dana Marie Perino.

She was born to parents Janice, mother, and Leo Perino, father.

Dana Perinohas a sister, Angie Machock. Her great-grandparents were Italian Immigrants.

Dana Perino is an American by Nationality. She belongs to the Italian-American ethnicity. Besides, there is not much information about her childhood.

Education, School/College University

Concerning her education of Dana Perino, attended Ponderosa High School in Parker.

Dana Perino graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo in 1993 and earned a degree in mass communication/public affairs and minors in Spanish and political science.

Later on, she attended the University of Illinois Springfield for her master’s degree. During Dana’s college days, she was on the forensics team.

She worked at KTSC-TV. She also worked at KCCY-FM on the 2 to 6a.m. shift.

Dana Perino: Professional Life, Career

Dana Perino worked as a staff assistant in Washington, D.C. for Congressman Scott McInnis.

She served as a press secretary for Rep Dan Schaefer for nearly four years.

Dana Perinomoved to Great Britain in 1998 after the retirement of Dan Schaefer. Later in November 2001, she returned to Washington D.C.

Then she served as a spokesperson for the Department of Justice for two years.

Dana Perinoworked as the associate director of communication for the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Dana Perinoused to provide strategic advice on media relations and public outreach, message development. She worked as Deputy Press Secretary from 2005 to 2007.

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Dana’s role was to communicate with President Bush’s director of communications, press secretary, and director of media affairs.

She also served as a spokesperson for the white house on environmental issues.

Additionally, she worked as the coordinator, where her role was to coordinate environment agencies, energy, and natural issues, reviewing and approving the agency’s major announcements.

Dana Perinoworked as the Acting White House Press Secretary from March 27 to April 30, 2007.

Dana was promoted to ‘Assistant to the President’ on 14 September 2007 where she served as White House Press Secretary.

Later, she worked as a Political Commentator on Fox News after leaving the White House.

Dana Perinohosted the talk show, The Five. She started teaching ‘Political Communications at George Washington University.

Perino worked as Editorial Director for the Imprint Crown Forum of Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc.

Dana’s podcast Perino & Stirewalt: I’ll Tell You What premiered as weekly limited series on Fox News Channel on 18 September 2016.

Which breed of dog does she have?

Famous, American political commentator and author Dana Perino owns a dog.

Her dog’s name is Jasper, an American dog of Vizsla. Vizla is a dog breed from Hungary. She loves her dog a lot.

How much is the net worth of Dana Perino in 2024?

Dana has an annual salary of $172,200 confirmed according to the White House staff salary list from 2008.

Dana Perino has an estimated net worth of $6 Million as of 2024’s reports.

Social Media

Dana Perino is currently active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She has a huge fan following on her social sites.

Furthermore, she has more than 2.1 million followers on her official Twitter.

Dana Perino has more than 851k followers on her Facebook. As per her official Instagram, she has more than 646k followers.

Dana Perino: Rumors, Controversy

Dana Perino is rumored to be dating her co-host, Chris Stirewalt. Stirewalt is a news reporter, host, and editor.

They work together as a host on the ‘New Sunday Show’ on Fox News. They confirmed that they are just a show partner.

Body Features: Height, Weight, Body Size

As regards Dana Perino’s body measurement, she is standing at a height of 5 feet 2 inches. She weighs 48 kg and has blonde hair color with blue eyes.

She has a body measurement of 34-23-34 inches as well as her bra size is 32B.


  • She is 51 years old in 2023.
  • Her zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • She loves dogs and has one, Jasper.
  • Her other dog Henry died on 25 March 2012.
  • At present, she lives in New York.
  • Her Twitter account was made in March 2009.
  • She spent her childhood in Denver, Colorado.
  • Prior, she worked as a country music DJ.

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How long was Dana Perino press secretary?

  • She served from Sep 2007 to Jan 2009.

What is Dana Perino's age?

  • She is 49 years of age as of 2021.

When did Dana Perino get married?

  • She married Peter McMahon in 1998.

Dana Perino's Anniversary Dates


Dana Perino's Birthday Dates

Dana Perino Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Ethnicity, Height (2024)
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