Fireworks - idontfreakingknow - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own] (2024)

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When Louis gets home, his ears sting from how his mom had pulled at it until he settled onto the couch. He’s about to plead for forgiveness when his mom surprises him by saying that she looked up some stuff on the internet.

This makes Louis pause. He thinks it is about to happen, and he kind of feels like vomiting just at the thought of it.

“What kind of stuff?” Louis asks suspiciously.

“I know that being at your age, you have certain… urges to practice things.” She begins, looking as uncomfortable as Louis feels.

“Oh my god, Mom, no please.” He stays rooted to his seat because he doesn’t want to get into any more trouble than he already has.

“And these urges can sometimes have dangerous possibilities.”

“I know all of these, Mom. I have had sex education already.” Louis begs. “Please, just ground me.”

“I don’t trust that your teachers taught you kids everything,” His mom says sternly. She then goes to sit next to Louis, sweetness overcoming the rage that dominated her aura just moments before.

“Honey,” she tries again, soft as she caresses his cheeks. “I just don’t want you getting sexually transmitted infections.”

Louis sighs. “I know, Mom.” Louis looks down now, feeling heat pool in his cheeks. “I haven’t yet… with anyone, by the way. So, yeah, you don’t need to worry about that.”

“Fantastic!” Her voice is back to its usual shrill. “Now, do you know what a condom is?”

Louis’ head springs up at this, and seemingly out of nowhere, his mom is holding up a condom packet and a cucumber. An honest to god cucumber.

“Oh my god!” Louis has never stood up so quickly. “This isn’t happening.” Nope nope nope. He quickly makes his way to his room.

“Louis Tomlinson, come back here right now!”

Louis shuts his door and locks it. His mom doesn’t try after that, but she does tell him he’s grounded until Friday.


The first time Louis sees Niall again, it’s on Monday morning in between periods.

Niall is by his locker when Louis spots him, and feeling like whatever is going on between them needs to be resolved, Louis marches towards the boy.

“Hey, Niall,” Louis greets warmly, or at least as warm as he can muster. Niall looks slightly shocked at the fact that Louis is even talking to him.

“Oh, hi.” Niall closes his locker. “What’s up?”

Louis doesn’t think now is the time to skirt around the bush, so he takes a deep breath as he gathers his courage.

“Why do you hate me?”

There’s an awkward silence after that. Louis doesn’t take his eyes off of the boy. It takes a few moments before the Niall answers.

“I don’t hate you though.”

“Tsk. It’s not good to lie, Niall Horan.” Louis challenges.

“Calm your panties, princess,” Niall says as he puts his hands up. “Trust me. I don’t actually hate you.”

“Bullsh*t,” Louis clenches his fist. “You barely talk to us, and when you do, it’s always rude. Also, don’t call me that.”

“Oh, so Harry is the only one who can call you princess?” Niall teases. Luckily, Louis doesn’t have to ponder on that question too much since Niall continues. “Look, if I hated you, would I have done what I did to Justin’s car?”

So Louis’s suspicion was correct.

“Well…well, thanks for that. But why?” Louis asks, genuinely wondering. Why be a dick to Louis but do something like that?

“I saw what he did to you last week,” Niall admits. It’s like Louis’ brain remembers the pain at the mention of it, feels like the spot where Justin’s slap stung most seems to be buzzing with subtle ache. “And I felt really bad for not doing anything about it while it happened.”

Louis takes a look at Niall and sees a side of him that he hasn’t seen before. Even though they’re not close friends (or friends at all for that matter), it’s hard not to notice people you’ve gone to school with in the last ten years. His usual confidence is gone, eyes slightly downcast and lips in a tight line.

“I don’t hate you. I just hate everything that you represent because it’s everything that I don’t have.”

“Everything you don’t have?” Louis laughs. “You’re popular. You’re part of the basketball team. You’re part of Harry f*cking Styles’ posse for goodness sake. What could you possibly not have?”

He says it so softly that Louis doesn’t hear it. “What?”

Niall looks around as if he’s about to reveal a big ass secret. “People think I’m stupid.”

Louis is left speechless for a moment. To think, underneath all that loud exterior and gigantic personality exists an insecure little boy.

“Well, I don’t think you’re stupid.” Louis is surprised at the sincerity behind it. Awkwardly, he reaches for Niall’s shoulder and pats once, twice, before he pulls it back.

“Tsk. It’s not good to lie, Louis Tomlinson.” Louis chuckles at his words being repeated back at him. It makes Niall smirk.

“You know, Harry told me you came up with the idea to run with someone as popular and good looking as Lavender. I don’t think that’s stupid at all,” Louis says honestly.

Niall scoffs. “Come on, any sane person would have thought of that.” He counters.

“He also said you came up with the idea of fake dating me to benefit both of us. I have to admit, I was hesitant about the idea in the beginning, but after weighing the pros and cons, I found the idea ingenious.” Louis smiles at Niall. Niall, for his part, just remains silent and thoughtful.

“You’re a lot cleverer than people give you credit for,” Louis admits. “More importantly, a lot cleverer than you give yourself credit for.”

At this, Niall smiles crookedly. The bell rings then, signaling that the next class is about to start.

“Thanks,” Niall says and lightly punches Louis’s shoulder. “You’re not bad, Louis Tomlinson .”

“You too.”

Niall leaves after that since his class is slightly farther than Louis’. And as he walks away, Louis notices that the usual spring in Niall’s step is back.


Lunch time isn’t awkward anymore.

Louis chooses to sit between Harry and Niall nowadays. The first time he’d done it, everyone except Niall and himself was shocked. Harry had looked flustered at the new friendship budding between Louis and Niall.

It’s a chain reaction after that, with Zayn and Liam also switching the next day so that Liam is right next to Niall while Zayn sat next to Oli. Harry and Felix were together too, and surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) they got along very quickly. Honestly, if Felix could break down Oli’s walls, he could smash anyone else’s.

Because Niall hangs around Louis from time to time now, Justin doesn’t come back to finish what he started.


During the first part of the week, Harry had begged Louis to study with him for the upcoming tests in Advanced Chemistry and Calculus. Curse cute boys who pout cutely. Louis relented and had to ask his parents first, and he promised that he’s going to devote his time at Harry’s house with studying. So of course, his mom made him swear to send photos as proof every half hour, each one with different hand signs that she says on the spot in case he had the photos pre-saved.

That’s how Louis ends up in Harry’s house for the second time in five days.

The first time he was here, he didn’t quite have the time to really look at Harry’s home. This time, however, he takes it all in as Harry rushes to the bathroom as soon as they go inside. The high ceiling looks higher than usual. The walls still have the pearly sheen like last time.

Louis approaches the fireplace where framed photographs sit on top of the brick shelf. He surveys them one by one, notices three photos of Harry. The first is Harry in overalls, no more than five years old. He’s holding an ice cream cone, grinning brightly at the camera with innocence, unaware that his nose had accidentally touched the tip of his ice cream. It makes Louis smile. The second is of him in middle school years holding a video game controller, smiling at the camera, no teeth, just lips. The third is of him during sophom*ore year. Louis knows this because Harry’s hair is red and poofy and kind of reminds him of noodles. Harry in the photo is in the middle of the gym, left knee bent, right knee on the floor. He’s holding a basketball on his right side, between his hands and his hips. Harry doesn’t grin or smile here, and Louis is kind of sad at how the big shining grin got dimmer and dimmer as Harry grew older.

Louis doesn’t realize Harry is back until he feels Harry’s warmth right next to him. “What are you looking at?” He asks, staring at Louis.

“Your pictures,” Louis feels flushed at how quickly and honestly he answers. Distracting boys will be the death of him.

“No need for those silly things,” Harry laughs as he takes Louis’ wrist. “You can look at the real thing right here.”

The boy grins, reminding Louis of the five year old boy with the creamy nose. Harry turns around and begins pulling Louis up to his room.

“Let’s not waste any time!” Louis couldn’t agree more.

They start the day with Advanced Chemistry as the exam for that will come first next week with Calculus two days after. Harry needs less help in Calculus, so there’s that too.

It’s exactly 4:00 pm when his mom texts him to send a photo of Harry and Louis holding up the number three. Louis bugs Harry to take the selfie with him, and they both smile at the camera while putting up three fingers.

“That’s cute,” Harry comments. “You should send it to me.”

Louis sends it to both Harry and his mom. Harry’s phone lighting up with a text alert catches Louis’ eye, and he sees a familiar figure looking back at him from Harry’s phone. Without thinking, Louis grabs Harry’s mobile phone before he can reach it.


He disregards Harry’s sounds of objection. It’s a photo of Louis laughing at some joke or something, because his eyes are closed into little slits, and ever present are his eye whiskers.

Adjusting his glasses, Louis feels self-conscious just looking at the screen. “Why am I your lock screen?”

Harry tries to look suave. “We’re supposed to be boyfriends, princess. You’re supposed to be my lock screen.” There’s a short moment of silence before Harry looks affronted. “Wait a minute, am I not your lock screen?”

“No?” He feels kind of embarrassed. Is that how it’s supposed to be? Do people who date have each other as their wallpapers?

“I’m disappointed, Louis Tomlinson.” Harry says, disapproving. Though Louis can see the slight pink tinge high up on Harry’s cheeks.

“Princess,”Louis points out mindlessly.



“You just told me to call you ‘princess’” Harry is looking at him with such a bizarre expression.

Louis scoffs.

“No, I didn’t.” Right? Of course not. No way would Louis tell Harry to call him ‘princess’, a nickname he loathes with a passion. “That’s preposterous.”

Because it is. It’s absurd. Outrageous. Asinine, even.

But what’s even more ridiculous is the fact that Louis isn’t absolutely sure that he didn’t say it. Harry watches him for a bit before turning back to their textbook. Louis stays silent after that as they both read about chemical reactions, thoughts of lockscreens and nicknames currently in the back of his head. Time passes by in a blur of elements and reactions and numbers. It’s past sundown when Louis’ stomach growl in an otherwise silent room. Louis chances to look at the other boy to see if he noticed only to find that Harry is already looking at him and holding back a chuckle.

“Are you hungry, princess?” Louis hears the emphasis in the last word, as if Harry is telling him that he won’t forget to call him princess anymore.

“Famished.” Louis replies flatly and begins to put his books and notes away into his backpack. Harry protests quickly though.

“Wait, what are you doing?”

“I’m going home to eat,” Louis answers as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Harry scratches the back of his neck as he looks at Louis.

“But you promised last time that you’d stay for dinner.”

“Oh, did I?” Louis says in a manner that suggests he definitely remembers.

“Yes,” Harry juts his lips out in a pout and looks up at Louis under the hoods of his eyes.

“Nope, not with that pout again.”

“Come on, don’t be a buzzkill,” Harry begins to push Louis out the door, down the stairs, and onto the first floor. Louis is no buzzkill, thank you very much. He’s very much the opposite of buzzkill. He’s buzzbirth if anything. Buzzsave, even. Yeah! They make it close to the kitchen before Harry overtakes him and pushes at the door.

“Hey, Megan,” Harry says from the door. Louis stands awkwardly next to him. “Is Mom home yet?”

Louis notes the hopeful tone in Harry’s voice. Megan smiles sadly at him.

“She just called,” Her voice is so intentionally soft, as if she’s trying to place her words carefully so as not to hurt the boy’s feelings. “Says she’s needed to stay until midnight to finish some paperwork.”

“Oh.” And, oh. Louis isn’t used to this Harry. This Harry reminds Louis of a child, and he feels his heart give a tight squeeze at the scene. “Well, okay. I guess it’ll be just us three for dinner then.”

Something about the way he says it suggests to Louis that this happens often. Harry turns to Louis.

“Louis’s staying. right?”

Louis thinks he should leave as he doesn’t want to intrude for dinner, but he takes a good look at Harry. He takes in the way his closed lips are just the slightest bit tilted up. His eyes are bigger than usual, and Louis can’t help thinking he looks younger like this, almost vulnerable. Louis doesn’t have it in him to say no. He nods.

They eat in peace for the most part.

To fill in the silence, Megan asks Harry questions parents would usually ask their child. In a sense, maybe Megan does think of Harry as her almost-child. Harry doesn’t really talk about Megan much, or his family members for that matter, but the polite-casual way he speaks to Megan suggests that the two have a deep connection that goes beyond maid and employer’s son.

“Did you learn anything new in class today?” She asks before taking a mouthful of rice and meat.

“We learned lots, right princess?” Harry elbows him as he chews. He can stop now, thanks.

“Indeed,” Louis answers before pinching Harry’s thigh. He doesn’t know why he feels the need to be polite suddenly. “Especially in Calculus. We learned how to get the anti-derivatives of trigonometric functions.”

Megan laughs. It’s a nice sound, genuine. “I won’t pretend I even know what that means.”

“Princess, you’re going to our basketball game on Friday, right?” Harry looks at him expectantly. Basketball game? Friday? He’s grounded until Friday, but Louis is extraordinarily good at finding loopholes.

“Of course I’m going. What kind of boyfriend do you think I am?”

They’re both too distracted by each other to notice Megan’s gentle expression.

At the end of the night, Harry bullies Louis into taking a selfie with him. Before the night ends, both of their phones have the same lockscreen, a photo of two boys in front of Harry’s garden with the faintest hint of a smile etched on their pale faces.


Louis doesn’t get to see Harry much after that, or at least, not as much as he’s been seeing him these past few weeks. Both Harry and Louis have busy schedules with a lot of things coming up. Harry’s time after school is dedicated to basketball practice, usually with an extra hour for precaution seeing as their upcoming game is with one of their better rival schools.

Louis for his part spends hours at the auditorium with the Drama club (his mom let him because she knows how important Drama club is to Louis), intensely preparing for the Spring musicale of Cinderella, showing in just a mere three weeks. Though three weeks sounds like a long time, that’s actually pretty short considering they still have to finish the decorations for the play as well practice all of their lines. Their costumes are also only half finished, so Louis already knows he’ll be stressed and pissy in the next few weeks.

Friday comes very quickly, what with how busy they’ve been all week. Louis managed to slither out of being grounded on Friday. He’d done all the chores both Wednesday and Thursday, making sure to keep the public areas and the dishes squeaky clean. He even went as far as mopping the floor on Thursday night for the grand ask.

He had approached his mom that night, cuddled up right next to her and began with “You know how I’m grounded until Friday?”

“I most definitely know.”

“Well, Harry has his first basketball game of the season on Friday, and you only said I’m grounded until Friday, so technically once Friday hits, I’m not grounded anymore, right?” Louis had smiled at her with big dimples and fluttery eyes.

“We both know that’s not what I meant.”

“But, Mooom.” He had made sure to put on his childish voice. She didn’t respond for a while, so Louis had used his trump card. “Joy said you think she’s prettier than me, is that true?”

His mom turned to him now with a sigh. “You’re both very pretty children.” “You didn’t answer my question, Mom.”

She had looked at him seriously then.

“Is this basketball game really important to you?”

Louis had to think about it for a moment. It would definitely look bad if Louis wasn’t there to cheer on the basketball team. What would the campus think? Louis returned his mother’s glance and nodded.

“Fine. You’re free to go on Friday.” Louis had hugged her and kissed her cheek that night all while chanting thank you thank you thank you.

“Go before I change my mind.” She had demanded as she began flicking through the channels. Hehe. 50 points for Slytherin. That was some good sh*t.

So that’s how Louis finds himself with Harry in the lockers right before the game begins, Harry in his armor of jersey and Louis clad with the school colors on every inch of his body.

“You’ll do fine, trust me.” Louis says as he pats him awkwardly. But Harry dives in for a hug, and Louis is hit with a mixture of Harry’s intense cologne and the smell of pure boy. “The school believes in all of you.”

“That makes me feel worse.” Harry admits into Louis’ neck.

“Honestly, you’re just digging yourself into a deeper hole. You just gotta get your head in the game.”

They break apart and look at each other, a moment of silence, and then loud laughter. f*cking high school musical.

“You’re right,” Harry says as he smiles. The whole team is now gathering towards the coach. “Look, I have to go now. Wish me luck, princess.”

“Good luck,” Louis whispers. And Harry is looking at him expectantly, but Louis isn’t really sure what he’s expecting.

Hesitantly, they both walk backwards for a bit, but it’s Louis who turns around first to go out into the gymnasium. The space is so wide and big, and Louis doesn’t think about how unfamiliar this all is, how he doesn’t really even like sports to begin with.

Zayn waves him over from the bleachers with a big grin, and he’s already sitting down next to Liam with Oli and Felix right behind them. Louis walks over, feeling slightly self-conscious for god knows why.

“You made it!” Liam exclaims as he gives Louis a mighty hug.

“Yeah. Had to use my acting skills and everything.” They all take turns giving him hugs, and Louis ends up sitting right next to Zayn.

The bell rings to signal that the game is about to take place, and the players come out of the locker room wearing their jerseys and letterman jackets. Harry’s has a big 94 on his, while Niall has a 13. Their team begins drilling on one side while the other school begins to warm up on the other. Louis isn’t sure, but he thinks this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Their school colors are white and green, and it kind of reminds Louis of Ireland for some reason. It’s a whole five minutes before another bell rings, and it seems like it signals that the pre-game practice is finished.

Louis watches Harry looking over the bleachers for them and smiles when they find each other. And then Harry is hurrying to where his belongings are and picks something up before standing. Louis doesn’t realize Harry is approaching him until Harry is a mere 10 feet away.

“Here,” Harry says as he holds his letterman jacket towards Louis. The younger man gulps, feelings the whole gym looking at them. “Wear it.”

Louis stands up to take it and slip it on. And everyone coos and awhs, and Louis feels his face get hotter. Without thinking about it, he leans in to peck Harry on the right cheek.

Harry stares at him, hand reaching up to where Louis’ lips just touched. “For luck.” Louis answers. Someone wolf whistles somewhere.

Harry smiles and turns away, and Louis sees the slight pink hue on Harry’s nape. He’s never realized how nice the back of people’s neck look, feels himself flush at the fact that he didn’t have these thoughts until now.

When he sits down, he’s immediately hit with the scent of sandalwood, blended with something citrusy and a trace of sage.

“Wow,” Felix comments from behind him. “He’s really got it bad for you.”

Louis ignores him in favor of taking another whiff of Harry’s scent. He doesn’t do it on purpose, he has to breathe of course. Harry’s smell is just all over this jacket, so obviously, he has no choice but to breathe in the fragrance emanating from it.

For someone so lean, Harry is pretty good. Harry can evade his opponents so skillfully. He’s quick and agile and seems as if his stamina is above average, considering how he doesn’t quite look as tired as a lot of the others.

Louis doesn’t realize it until he almost trips, but apparently he gets up and cheers every time their team makes a point. Who is this new Louis who likes sports? He also doesn’t realize he cheers louder when Harry makes three pointers until Zayn had told him to calm your tit*, dude.

He feels self-aware after that, unsure whether his behavior is appropriate for an 18 year old. It’s during half time that the score registers in his brain. 41-45. Their rival school leads by 4 points, which is totally doable. Since it’s half time, half the gym leaves to take breather, and Louis finds himself staying put. He’s not sure whether he’s allowed to approach the team or not, but he thinks it’s better to stay seated so as not to break their concentration.

He turns to talk to his friends, but finds that they’ve all paired up. Zayn is having an animated conversation with Liam, with the younger boy laughing at things that aren’t even really that funny. Felix and Oli are behind them looking so couple-y that Louis has to turn away or else his teeth will rot.

Biting his lip, Louis feels out of place here. Naturally, he goes to where the team is huddled, notices how Harry’s jersey is sticking to his lithely muscled body, observes how each droplet of sweat travels down his smooth skin. He doesn’t quite know when he’s become adept at reading Harry’s little habits, but he sees the way Harry’s nerves is getting to him, notices the tight purse of his pink lips and the furrow on his forehead.

“Sorry to interrupt, Coach Adams,” Louis finds himself saying when he reaches the players. All of the members of the basketball team including the coach turn to look at Louis. He can’t help but feel flustered at the attention.

“I was wondering if I can borrow Harry for a second?”

Coach Adams was about to protest, but Harry spoke before the coach could. “I think that’s an amazing idea.”

And without much retaliation, the two went outside to get some fresh air.

“How are you feeling?” Louis asked the older boy once they’ve stepped out into the crisp night. The wind is biting, and Louis hopes Harry isn’t too cold.

“I don’t know, princess.” Harry answers honestly. “I know I could do better, but all of this pressure is getting to me.”

“Well, this is kind of top secret but…” Louis leans closer to Harry’s ear and whispers. “I believe in you.”

Harry chuckles.

“Yeah?” Harry looks at him incredulously, though the corners of his lips resemble that of a smile. “Maybe uhh-” Harry doesn’t finish.

“Maybe what?” Louis asks as he bites his lip.

“Maybe I need a bit more luck?” Harry admits quietly and scratches the back of his neck. He’s looking at the ground, thick lashes blinking nervously every couple of seconds.

Louis holds Harry’s chin and tilts his face to the side, kissing the left side of Harry's cheek, the side that his lips didn't touch earlier.

“Feeling lucky yet?” Louis exhales after few electrifying seconds.

And as if back to his usual demeanor, Harry stands straight with his usual swagger. “Never felt luckier.”

When they get back into the gym, Louis feels everyone’s eyes on them, but Louis can distinguish from the sea of people that one gaze that feels the warmest.

After the break, their players absolutely destroy the visiting team. Niall makes the finishing shot assisted by Harry. They end up beating their rival 92-81. Niall is carried at the end by the team quite literally. Harry, on the other hand, runs up to Louis amidst the chaos and the loud cheering. And when they’re face to face again, the surrounding people chant kiss kiss kiss until half the gymnasium is singing it.

Harry smirks as he lifts Louis. Louis is quite impressed by this.

“We should probably give the people what they want,” Harry tries through his elated state.

“Yeah,” Louis surprises himself by agreeing. “We wouldn’t want to disappoint the voting community.”


Harry leans in first, and it’s kind of awkward from this angle because Harry is still holding him up, but Louis doesn’t quite remember ever feeling this thrumming sensation coursing through his veins, never felt this tingly feeling swirling from the pit of his stomach and spreading to the pads of his fingertips. Their lips are locked for a mere few seconds, but it feels like an eternity to him, as if Louis had lived through his life, died, and reborn only to see the universe in a different manner. The world is muted, not unlike the feeling of being underwater, and all he can hear is the sharing of oxygen between them, literally giving each other life.

Louis is speechless when Harry begins to pull back. They stare intently at each other, as if truly seeing one another for the first time. Louis has never realized how clear Harry's eyes were until now, how silky his skin is from up close. He's never noticed how perfectly shaped Harry's nose is, how the bridge of it fits nicely between Harry's almond shaped eyes. The crowd is cheering, but Louis can only hear the steady beat of Harry's heart drumming rapidly in his chest. Louis sees Harry gulp. Louis does it too.

Weeks from now, Louis will remember this very moment up to the most minute detail and regret not being the one who pulls away first.


Not much changes after the basketball game. Harry and Louis still banter. Harry still has a habit of trying to make Louis blush (it’s fun to rile up sassy, uptight boys). Louis’ sharp tongue still cuts everyone who tries to come after him, except maybe Lavender who gives as good as she gets. They still hold hands once in a while in public. Their lockscreens are still their selfie. Yeah, not much has changed.

Except everything has. Something’s different, and Harry knows it.

Harry and Louis still banter, and it’s probably one of the highlights of Harry’s days. Harry still has a habit of trying to make Louis blush, and he probably likes to see the boy’s flushed face more than he’s willing to admit. Louis’ sharp tongue still cuts everyone who tries to come after him, and Harry finds he doesn’t mind being on the receiving end of that tongue. They still hold hands once in a while, and Harry’s thinks he holds on a bit tighter than usual. Their lockscreen are still their selfie, but goddamn, Harry thinks it’s really unhealthy how long he stares at it at night wondering if Louis is staring at his wallpaper as well.

It’s been a few days since the game, and honestly, all Harry can think about is how lovely it would be to hear Louis whisper Harry’s name.


He can picture it now, those lips forming the words with graceful ease.


Oh gods.

“Earth to Harry.”


“I asked how your morning was,” Niall says as he drives them both to school. “Jesus, it’s like talking to brick wall. What’s up with you lately?”

“Nothing’s up.” Harry lies. That’s not quite true. Things are definitely up. They’re up for Louis Tomlinson . And by things, he means Harry Jr. And by Harry Jr. he means his 6 inch pen-

“You sure? You seem kind of out of it.” Niall comments knowingly.

“I think I just haven’t been getting enough sleep. You know. Tests and stuff,” Harry reasons. It’s not exactly a lie. He has been staying up, but it has more to do with cute boys and their cute dimples than studying for Calculus or for, god forbid, Advanced Chemistry. “And I don’t think I did that well in the Calculus exam yesterday.”

“What about the one before that?”

“AP Chem? Let’s not talk about that.” Really. Harry just wants to forget that whole day even happened.

“Well, what do you want to talk about then?” Niall huffs.

“Prom.” Louis Tomlinson.

“What about it?”

“I want it to be perfect.” He’s perfect.

“You legit have Jennie as your prom date, Louis Tomlinson as your pretend boyfriend. How perfect do you still need it to be?” After parking, they exit the car and walk towards the school entrance.

“I don’t know man. I’m just nervous that it’s coming up.”

“What have you got to be nervous for?” Niall rolls his eyes.

“Winning? I want to beat Justin. I need that Prom King title, Niall.”

“Dude, the plan’s going perfectly. You’re gonna wreck Justin. Repeat it with me.” Harry looks at him questioningly.

“It works, trust me. Now say it. I’m gonna wreck Justin.”

Harry repeats tentatively, “I’m gonna wreck Justin.” I’m gonna wreck Louis Tomlinson. Curse his brain for talking on its own.

“I will win Prom King.” Niall continues.

“I will win Prom King.” I will win Louis Tomlinson. (Not that he’s something to be won. People aren’t prizes, Harry. 10 points deducted from Ravenclaw.) But Niall’s right. This is really getting Harry pumped.

“And I’m gonna destroy the competition come Prom Night.” Niall gets louder with every syllable. There are many things he wants to destroy. Mainly Louis Tomlinson. Not cause bodily harm, not that kind of destroy, no. Unless he’s into that. Which, what?

“Dude, repeat it.”

“And I’m gonna destroy that ass come Prom Night.” Harry announces with fervent vigor. “Dude, what?”

It doesn’t immediately register in Harry’s mind, but when he realizes what he said, his eyes go so big he thinks they’d fall out of his sockets if they weren’t connected. Oh god, Harry has to go.

“I gotta go.” Harry hurries to his classroom with his head down, ears hot, and heart beating erratically because damn, he f*cked up. Niall’s not going to let him live this down.

“Harry, wait!” Niall shouts from behind. Harry goes faster.

In the end, Harry makes it to safety when he enters the classroom. Physical safety anyway, because as soon as he sits down on his chair, he feels his phone vibrate. It’s all from Niall.

Harry, u lil sh*t.


What do u mean ur gonna destroy that ass What ass?

Whose ass?

Is it Louis’ ass

Because that boy has a nice ass

U can’t leave me in the dark like this I will find u


Harry looks around, and Louis isn’t in his seat yet. Lavender is looking at him with her eyes narrowed. Seriously, when will this girl ever stop glaring at him? Harry scares easily, ok? She can stop now, thanks.

Louis walks in, and Harry feels good again. It’s been 13 hours and 24 minutes, but who’s counting?

“Wow, you look like sh*t today.” Lavender comments as soon as Louis’ about to pass her.

“Beats looking like sh*t every day.” Louis claps back.

Lavender holds her heart in mock offense. “You really shouldn’t be talking about Harry like that.”

Louis’ head turns so quickly, that Harry isn’t sure how it didn’t hurt the younger boy.

“Leave my boyfriend out of this.” Harry chokes. Hearing Louis refer to him as ‘my boyfriend’ really has little Harry giddy. Harry stands up dutifully and pulls Louis away from Lavender.

“It’s fine, princess.” Harry smiles at his direction before placing Louis’ person on his unofficially assigned seat.

“But she is kind of right though,” Harry continues warily, tucking Louis’s hair behind his ear. “You look like you just woke up.”

“This is how you repay me?” Louis glares at him, but he doesn’t look menacing at all with his slightly messed up bed hair and squishy cheeks. “I did just wake up,” Louis clarifies with narrowed eyes.

“Well if you would just agree to sleep in my bed, I can wake you up on time.” Harry leans in and whispers. “Trust me, I’m better at waking people up than silly alarm clocks.”

Harry hears Louis gulp, or maybe he hears himself gulp. Whichever. “Your morning breath hurts my ears,” Louis says dryly.

“What’s got you up so late at night anyway, princess? Can’t sleep without your precious Harry?” Harry wiggles his eyebrows and feels his heart squeeze at the same time. How was this so easy before?

Louis rolls his eyes. “Practicing lines. Show in 8 days, remember? Unless you already forgot.”

Kind of, actually. When Harry doesn’t answer quickly, Louis pounces.

“Tsk, tsk. What kind of boyfriend forgets their boyfriend’s play?”

“I didn’t forget, princess. Trust.” Harry lies, but Louis doesn’t need to know that.

“Whatever. Just make sure you get me a bouquet. Those big ones that cost half a spleen.”

“Anything for you, princess.” Harry half means it. God, he’s so, so screwed.

They’re brought to silence when the homeroom teacher strides in and Vaniza’s voice begins the daily announcement in the intercom.

Naturally, when their teacher starts lecture, it all goes over Harry’s head. The subjects are already hard as they are. Add to that the fact that Harry has been finding it increasingly hard to focus in classes lately (with how distracting Louis always looks right beside him), there is no way he can pass his classes with his usual A-/B+ range.

Come lunchtime, Harry tries his best to avoid Niall’s eyes. Harry spots Niall sitting with Liam at their regular spot. Zayn isn’t there yet, it seems, and the other two are still in line for food. As soon as Harry and Louis get to their usual table, Liam stands up abruptly and steals Louis with a “I need to talk to you.”

Harry thinks Louis is about to protest, but upon seeing Liam’s panicked face, he agrees to go. So now it’s just Harry and Niall on the table. Damn.

“Sup.” Harry tries.

“Don’t sup me,” Niall leans closer once Harry settles in place. “Now spill. Whose ass do you want to destroy?”

“Could you please keep it down? The whole school is going to hear you.” Harry grits through his teeth before putting his hands in surrender. “And I swear on my heart and on your stuffed Squirtle there’s nothing to spill. Really!”

“Don’t swear on Squirty if you don’t mean it, Harry. So tell me. Do you like Louis?” Harry flinches. This boy really goes for the jugular.

“Of course, I do. As a person.” It’s not wrong. Harry does like Louis as a person, but he also would like to see him spread out on Harry’s bed. Naked. Preferably with a bow on his neck.

“Don’t play with me, Harry,” Niall narrows his eyes, but he ends up looking less threatening. “I swear on Daniel Radcliffe, if you don’t tell me the truth, I will tell Louis about you wetting your bed at the prime age of 13.”

“Oh, god, please don’t.” Harry hisses. “You said you would never bring that up again! I knew I shouldn’t have told you.”

“Don’t tempt me, Harry. I will do it.”

“I can’t believe you’re blackmailing me. Some best friend.” Harry huffs before looking around to see if anyone can hear them. And then he leans in closer. “Fine. I may have a tiny little crush on Louis Tomlinson.”

“Aha! I knew it.” Which, what the heck? “You know?” Jesus, is he that obvious?

“You never sit in the back seat of my car.” Niall says satisfactorily, as if that alone is enough to win a case in court.

“That was so you could fulfill your dream of having Jennie in the front seat of your car.”

“You went on that one date a bit ago,” He adds.

“We shopped for prom suits.” Harry says flatly. It wasn’t a date. Was it? “And you paid for it!”

“Half. And he said he’s going to pay me back.”

“You gave him your f*cking letterman jacket to wear during the game, for goodness sake.” Harry sweats.

“And then you picked him up and sucked his face in front of the whole school.” Okay, yeah, he likes Louis. He’s come into terms with this, no need to rub it in. Harry sighs. “What should I do?”

“I can’t believe you swore on Squirty. Anyway, I think you should-” Niall starts before seeing something behind Harry and immediately changing expression. “Hey guuuuys!”

Felix is approaching them, hugging his books while Oli lags slightly behind holding both of their food in one tray. Harry hopes he doesn’t look as whipped as Oli does.

“Hi, Niall! Hi, Harry,” Felix says sunnily. Oli gives them both a friendly nod and smile before speaking. “Where’s Lou?”

Harry shrugs. “Liam stole him.”

Speaking of, where’s Zayn? Harry looks around and the said boy is speed walking towards Harry.

“I need your advice.” Zayn says to Harry quickly before looking at everyone. “Oh, hey everyone.”

“Awh, Zaynie,” Niall whines. “Why aren’t you asking me for advice? I’m yours too. I’m full of advice.” Niall pouts in his direction.

“Sorry, I need Harry specifically.” And with that, he pulls Harry away from the table, and they go somewhere secluded.

“Uh, what’s wrong?” Harry asks once they’re inside an empty classroom.

Zayn looks so shy and nervous, looking down and kicking the floor, and honestly, Harry has never seen the boy like this. If this wasn’t as serious as it seems, Harry would probably tease him about it.

“So I have a friend who was asked out by someone he likes. And he doesn’t know if it’s supposed to be a date or just friends hanging out, but my friend kind of wants it to be a date, but he doesn’t want it to be too obvious in case the other person only thinks of him as a friend. So I’m wondering, or, well, my friend was wondering, if you and Louis can possibly, maybe, go on a double date with them in case it gets awkward?”

Harry almost wants to laugh. “Well, I can ask Louis.”

“Thank you so much, Haz! I will tell my friend.”

“Questions though. When is it?” Harry asks suspiciously.

“This weekend.” The reply is instant.

“Where is it?”

“The theme Park a city over.”

“The theme Park was Liam’s idea?”

“No it was mine.”

Harry smirks.


“You had to tell me soon anyways.” Harry laughs as he slings an arm around Zayn’s shoulders. “So Liam, huh? I think we can make time for it.”

After all, that is part of the agreement.

When they get back to the table, everyone is already there, and Harry and Louis exchange a knowing look.

Niall and Harry don’t get to speak alone after that because Harry and Louis still haven’t gotten their food, and they both need to eat lest they get even skinnier than they already are.

As such, Niall still hasn’t given Harry insight on what to do. He guesses he’ll just have to text Niall about it later tonight.


All Niall really tells him that night is that he should be careful. He might his get his heart broken.

Harry knows that already.

Niall also says that he thinks there’s a possibility that Louis might have also developed some feelings for Harry. And while Harry wishes for that to be true, he doesn’t want to get his hopes up.

He will, however, try his best to truly woo Louis in these upcoming weeks, come what may. Fast approaching is the double date with Zayn and Liam, and Harry figures he could probably start there.

Niall tells him to slap Louis’ butt once in a while.

Harry has slapped Louis’s ass so many times already. In his mind of course. If he were to actually do it, he thinks Louis might literally break his wrists. So no, he’s not gonna try that Niall, I quite like my wrists not broken, thanks.

Niall suggests start wearing slightly more revealing clothes, because honestly, dude, you look like an oversized marshmallow whenever you have those baggy clothes on. And yeah, those baggy jeans probably feel comfy, with air pockets for your balls and what not, but don’t you think it’d be more eye catching if Louis could see the shape of your ass? Or better, your dick.

Harry puts his phone down. Jesus f*cking christ.

Niall kind of has a point though, Harry thinks as he looks down at his oversized sweatshirt. He thinks he’ll start wearing skinnies again, like he did that time they went shopping. He should probably dye his hair too.

Which is why Harry gets his hair colored to brown over Friday afternoon, from his natural black.

And yeah, it cost quite a bit (for the average folk. This dye job was literally single dollar bills to Harry) and took a long ass time, but it was all worth it when he picks up Louis from his house and sees him do a double take.

Harry smirks. He knows he looks like a tasty, chocolate snack. Eat it up, Louis Tomlinson. Eat. It. Up.

Harry steps out of his red convertible and approaches Louis with a glint in his eye. He’s wearing one of his navy-blue skinnies, paired with plain leather low-cut boots and a simple white v-neck, bomber jacket stowed away inside the car. (If he put on some pink lipstick to make his lips look delish, nobody had to know).

“Milady,” Harry greets as soon as they’re face to face. He bows politely, takes Louis’ hand, and kisses it like a prince would a princess.

When he looks up again, it’s to see an expression he’s yet to see on Louis: a funny mixture of slight surprise and mild confusion, accompanied by something akin to thirst.

“You didn’t look like that in school yesterday.” Louis states dumbly.

“Thanks for noticing, princess. You’re right, I got my hair done after school.”

Harry can’t decipher if Louis’s reaction is good or bad, so he settles on neutral and opens the door for him like the gentleman that he is. He’s a gentleman, okay? To hell with what Tae says.

“I’m glad you finally treat me like how I should be treated.” Louis says pristinely.

“And how should the great Louis Tomlinson be treated?” Harry asks as soon as he’s back into the driver’s side.

“Like royalty, of course.” Louis chuckles as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. And maybe it is. Harry has been calling him princess for years now.

“Right,” Harry agrees. “Well then, shall we pick up the children?”

“As long as you keep us both in one piece.”

Which, no. Harry is a fantastic driver. Amazing, even.

They don’t crash or burn, but they do accidentally run a light. Whatever, it saved time to pick up the little lovebirds.

They go to Liam’s first since he’s closer, and wow, the boy looks quite mature with his thin turtleneck under a red plaid sweater look. His usual hair is styled differently today, bouncy and wavy and parted slightly to the left.

“Hey, playboy,” Louis exclaims as soon as Liam gets inside the car.

“Hey, yourself,” he replies.

“Onto Zayn’s then?” Harry asks, and they both nod.

The ride to Zayn’s house isn’t long, but Harry can see from his rearview mirror how fidgety Liam is. Poor boy. He definitely feels the same.

When they arrive, Louis immediately turns back to Liam. “Well? Go get your boy.”

“First, how do I look?” Liam asks nervously. “You look amazing,” Harry answers. “Honestly.”

Liam leans closer to Louis then. “How does my breath smell?” He’s about to blow into Louis’ face, but Louis flinches back.

“Ew, I don’t want to smell your breath,” Louis says with a hand on his nose. “I’m sure you smell fine. Just go.”

Liam huffs and opens the door to walk towards Zayn’s house.

“Think he’s gonna pee himself,” Louis chuckles.


The two of them enjoy a front seat view of the whole occurrence. Zayn opening the door looking like a model fresh from the ramp. Liam shifting from foot to foot with a hand on the back of his neck. Zayn smiling and pulling Liam by the wrist and to Harry’s car with a big smile on his face.

Zayn’s wearing a dark, long sleeve button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The top few buttons are undone, revealing smooth skin and a nicely shaped chest. Similar to Liam, Zayn’s hair is wavy and bouncy but parted to the right. If Harry feels warm just looking, Liam must be completely burning. One glance at the boy shows that yes, Liam is having difficulty breathing.

As soon as they enter the theme park, Zayn suggests going to the biggest roller coaster ride in the amusem*nt park. Zayn wasn’t kidding when he said it was the largest, because damn, Harry isn’t sure if he wants to ride it after looking at those loops and that insane initial drop. It nearly looks vertical. The sign reads SKYWAY in big letters, and the distant screams of people zooming quickly in the sky has Harry feeling nauseated.

Harry is about to back out, but one look at Louis’ excitement solidifies Harry’s resolve. He can do this. It’s just a roller coaster ride, probably only like 45 seconds. A minute max, no big deal. He’s not going to die or anything, that’s absurd. Right?

And it’s almost as if Louis can smell his fear, because they go to the back of the roller coaster, which is where the velocity is largest. His heart is beating extremely quick once they’re at the front of the line. The ride is in pairs at least, thank god.

“You okay there, Harrie poo?”

“I’m perfect.” He’s not. Louis smirks.

“Oh! Here it comes.” Louis claps avidly.

They take their seats and put on their seatbelts, and honestly, the people in the intercom is taking so long, he just wants to get this over with. In front of them are Liam and Zayn, and from back here, Harry can see how much fun the two are having, arms flailing wildly from whatever conversation they’re having.

The ride begins, and Harry’s heart skips a beat. They’re slowly climbing up the peak, and Harry feels woozy looking at his side and seeing how high up they are, oh my god, he’s too young to be a pancake. No no no.

He must have said it out loud because Louis is laughing at his right.

Harry takes Louis’ hand and focuses on him instead of thinking about how high they are.

“Don’t let go, please,” Harry begs. A few seconds pass before Louis nods with his natural, close-lipped smile.

Harry is still staring at Louis when suddenly, gravity isn’t pulling them backwards anymore. And he has a second of confusion before they’re falling together.

Harry screams at the top of his lungs. Louis does too. But Harry screams because the wind is whipping past his hair and cheeks and there’s this funny feeling he gets in the pit of his stomach from plummeting who knows how many feet high. Louis screams because he’s having fun. Harry chances a look at him, while screaming of course, and sees Louis genuinely enjoying himself, and Harry’s world is being turned upside down. It takes him a moment to realize that the roller coaster is doing one of those giant loops.

Harry refuses to let go of Louis’ hand, holds on even tighter with each loop and every downfall. Another dip is coming, and Harry shuts his eyes and squeezes Louis’ fingers even harder. Louis is half laughing half screaming still. It thankfully finishes shortly after that. Harry is breathless when the ride finally stops, half from the ride and half from the warmth between his fingers.

They let go once they get off though.

“Wow,” Zayns ays, looking as nauseous as Harry feels. “That was insane.”

“I can’t believe you made us ride that,” Harry spits out.

Apparently, there was a camera somewhere in the roller coaster because there are photos on the screens past the exit, and Harry immediately finds their photo. Harry’s eyes are closed, mouth wide, fingers clasping Louis close to his person, while Louis is facing the camera doing a peace sign, hair flowing every which way.

Harry buys two and gives one to Louis. The younger boy takes it with a smile. “Proof that I’m better than you? Thanks.”

Harry snorts.

“Z, look!” Liam pulls the boy towards the photos.

They go on a few more rides after that, nothing quite as groundbreaking as Skyway.

It’s a couple hours before Zayn and Liam declare that they’re hungry. They’re sitting at the food court when they see Lavender sitting comfortably close with one of the most beautiful girls Harry has ever laid his eyes on. Her hair is long and silky, with a wave and shine that seems natural with bangs pushed to the side to showcase her almond-shaped eyes.

“Louis, look who it is.” Harry points at the two.

“Oh, so it is true.” Louis says to himself. “She really is dating Naomi.”

They don’t pay them any mind, refusing to let high school drama ruin their double date.

Zayn and Liam are in line while Harry and Louis save their table. From here, it’s easy to see how Liam is hugging Zayn from behind. And while they can’t see Zayn’s expression, Harry is sure it resembles that of contentment and pleasure.

Harry and Louis get up to get their food once the other two have settled down. When in line, Harry mirrors what Liam did to Zayn and goes behind Louis to hug him from the back. Louis immediately stiffens, and Harry doesn’t know what to do next.

“What are you doing?” Louis questions him.

“Liam and Zayn are acting more like a couple than we are,” Harry argues as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “We can’t let them out-couple us.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Louis scoffs, but he doesn’t argue back, so Harry guesses this is a win.

Harry hopes Louis’ clothes are thick because Harry can feel his own ribcage vibrating from how strong his heart is singing right now. If Louis notices, he doesn’t say anything.

Harry’s stomach growls as soon as they sit back down with their food. Liam and Zayn are already laughing. Harry appreciates the fact that they’re so easygoing and can find the hilarity in the simplest things, wishes he was more like that.

They talk in between mouthfuls. Liam lets Zayn take a bite of his food. Instinctively, Harry feeds Louis his food as well. And while Louis looked apprehensive at first, he eats off of Harry’s utensils anyway. Louis gives him some of his food too.

And because they’re growing teenage boys, they finish quickly. They move on to the arcade and games section where they split ways, choosing to play different games in pairs. Zayn and Liam go to the ball tossing game while Harry and Louis approach the ring toss.

“Have you ever even won one of these?” Louis asks suspiciously. “This one is a total cheat.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the ring is barely big enough to fit in the bottle necks. Any angle would cause it to hit two bottles at once and fly off, so you really have to get the ring perfectly straight.”

“What do you think about our chance of winning?” Harry wonders as he motions for the facilitator to come to them.

“Me? One in fifty. You on the other hand…” Louis laughs when Harry slaps his arm. He’ll prove to him that he knows what he’s doing.

“Can we get a bucket of rings please?” Louis turns to Harry like he’s lost it. Harry waves him off.

“It’s fine. I just want to win.”

“Again, you’re ridiculous.” Louis chortles. “You make me do ridiculous things, princess.” Louis doesn’t reply to that.

The bucket is filled with rings. No way in hell they’re going to lose.

After failing to get a win in 15 tries, Harry begins to get frustrated. Louis laughs at how irritated Harry is getting. Louis is right, this game is a cheat.

Alright, focus. The ring barely fits between the bottles, so Harry should aim for the closest ones. The ones right on the edge have fewer bottles surrounding them. He throws the rings like he would a Frisbee, but it keeps on gaining some sort of angle. Harry wonders how to stabilize the rings and thinks of an ingenious way to do it.

He stacks two rings on top of each other.

“That’s smart,” Louis says after taking a look at Harry’s method. Louis throws a couple more towards the bottles.

“Just because I’m not on my way to being valedictorian like you and Lavender doesn’t mean I’m not smart, princess.” Harry states before throwing the coupled rings together. They both bounce off anticlimactically. f*ck. That’s two tries in one. Gone.

“There’s only about twenty rings left,” Louis says absentmindedly. Alright. Deep breath. Pinch the rings like a golf disk. Prep. Release.

“Come on, Harry.” Louis says softly after throwing another one himself. Harry gets a ring in on the fifth try. Louis screams and jumps into Harry’s arms, and Harry stumbles a little bit before righting himself.

“Oh my god, you actually got one in!” Louis is looking down at Harry, and Harry can feel his chest constricting.

“What can I say, princess. I guess I’m just good at everything,” Harry tries. “Now which stuffed toy do you want?”

“No way, it’s your win,” Louis utters after Harry puts him down unwillingly. “It’s your prize.”

“Alright, it’s my prize. So it’s also mine to give.” Louis doesn’t have an answer to that.

“Which one do you want?” Harry tries again and smiles, and Louis bites his lip before surveying the choices.

“That one.” He’s pointing at the big white teddy bear smiling down at them. Louis gets his big bear, and Harry feels like a winner.

They’re walking mindlessly when they see Liam and Zayn again. Zayn is holding a poop emoji pillow, while Liam has a pink bunny. He’s also holding a cone of cotton candy between them, eating it slowly while looking at each other.

Gosh, it’s so sweet that Harry thinks he’s going to get a toothache just from watching. Zayn feeds Liam small pieces, laughing wildly when the taller boy misses his fingers. Liam takes a big chunk of cotton candy and feeds them to Zayn using his mouth. Zayn’s blushing but he eats it from Liam’s teeth nonetheless. And they’re both smiling shyly when Zayn finishes getting the whole piece in his mouth.

“Why don’t we ever do that, princess?” Harry giggles.

“Because we’ve yet to get cotton candy,” Louis shrugs.

“Alright, wait here.” Harry says quickly.

“Wait, no, we don’t actually have to-”

Harry’s too far away to hear the rest. He goes to the cart that sells cotton candy. He’s about to ask for a pink cotton candy when he sees the other stuff that the cart is selling. He ends up not getting the fluffy dessert. Harry has a better idea.

When he gets back to Louis, it’s to find the younger boy exhale with relief. “Oh thank god, I thought you actually went and got cotton candy.” Harry shakes his head.

“Good. I didn’t mean- I’m sure it would’ve been…We didn’t have to- yeah.” Louis tries awkwardly.

Harry gives him an open pack of spherical Sixlet candies.

“Oh,” Louis exclaims in surprise. “Thank you! I’m not usually into sweets, but I actually really like these.”

Harry smiles. Louis is about to get one from the pack when Harry steps closer and catches his wrist.

“Harry, what-”

Harry leans in and lets their lips touch. Louis’ eyes are blown wide, and Harry delivers a ball-shaped Sixlet into Louis’ mouth with his own. It’s the slightest bit messy, with Harry’s saliva spreading between them, but stimulating regardless.

Louis is speechless when Harry pulls back. Harry smirks at the pink tinge high up on Louis’ cheeks. The younger boy spins the candy in his mouth. A few moments pass in silence.

“Uhm, thank you.” Louis says faintly. “For the candy, I mean.”

“It was my pleasure.”

Harry is about to say something else when Liam and Zayn appear by their side with the worst timing.

“Yo, yo, yo,” Zayn greets them. Harry gives Zayn a murderous glare.

“I didn’t do it!” Zayn retreats into Liam with his hands up in surrender. “Wait, what didn’t I do? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“No reason,” Harry says, clipped.

“We have time for one more ride before things start to close,” Louis states from the side. “Any suggestions?”

“How about the Ferris wheel,” Liam hopefully proposes.

“Great idea,” Louis says, and they make their way to the lit circle.

Harry and Louis go in one pod while Zayn and Liam go in another. Once they’re out of ear shot, Harry and Louis begin conversation again.

“Do you think Liam has kissed Zayn yet?” Harry asks.

“Doubt it. Liam doesn’t have the backbone to initiate it.” Louis chuckles.

“Zayn will probably be the one to lean in first.”

“Most likely,” Louis says gently. “Thank you for doing this for Liam by the way.”

“I’m doing it for Zayn as well,” Harry replies and looks out at the darkening sky. Louis stays quiet, almost expectant. “And I honestly do like spending time with you too, you know.”

Harry isn’t looking at Louis when he says this, but rather at the skyline. He tells himself it’s for the Cool Guy Effect, but really, he isn’t sure he wants to see Louis’s reaction. His stomach kind of feels funny.

“Oh. Well. Me too.”

Harry chances a look at Louis only to see that Louis is staring at him. Harry feels scrutinized, but it’s fine.

“Look,” Harry points at the other pod. Zayn and Liam are sitting with their shoulders right against each other. Zayn turns to look at Liam, and Harry can almost feel what Zayn feels just from watching his expression. Zayn’s mouth moves. Harry can’t hear, but he thinks he says “Li.”

Liam faces Zayn now, leaning back slightly, probably scared or unsure of what’s bound to happen. Zayn’s brows are furrowed, lips jutted like it usually is when he’s deep in thought. And then Zayn shuts his eyes gingerly, leisurely closing the distance between them. He stops about halfway, as if to tell Liam you have a chance to say no, but please don’t. Liam is rooted to the spot, and Harry is itching to tell him to just go for it. But then Liam eyes flicker to Zayn’s lips, and upon doing so, decides to meet Zayn halfway.

Harry and Louis turn away after that, giving the other two some privacy.

“Wow,” Louis says after a minute of comfortable silence. “Finally. He’s been wanting to do that for a while now.”

Harry chuckles. “They grow up so fast.” Harry wishes he and Louis can grow up too.

Harry and Louis get out before them since their gondola was first. When Zayn and Liam step out, there’s an upward tilt to their lips. They’re holding hands, and Harry and Louis both clap.

“About time,” Harry comments.

“Shut up.” Zayn says shyly as he hides behind Liam.

They leave after that, dropping Zayn off first. Liam dutifully accompanies him and his poop emoji pillow to the front porch where they share another kiss.

Liam is walking backwards when Zayn finally closes the door, and when Liam finally faces them, there’s a big grin on his face.

Harry and Louis tease him, but Liam seems to be in a different head space because all he keeps saying is thank you.

They drive to Liam’s house where the youngest boy happily climbs out the car and skips, skips to the front door, pink bunny swaying by his side.

Harry and Louis laugh. When they finally arrive at Louis’ place, they don’t move immediately.

“Well, that was fun,” Louis says while staring ahead. The atmosphere feels a bit thin for some reason.

“Yes,” Harry replies and turns to look at Louis. “Yes it was.”

The other boy faces him too, and Harry so wants to give Louis the most meaningful kiss ever, but ultimately decides against it.

“I guess there’s a new power couple on campus,” Harry says to diffuse the air. “No way they can come close to us.” Louis smirks. His eyes look cloudy, and Harry presumes his is probably just as cloudy if not more.

“What now?” Harry asks. Louis spares him a glance, and Harry can almost see the wheels of his brain turning

“Back to practicing lines, I suppose.” Louis sighs.

“You can practice with me, if it’s really so bad.” Harry is grasping at straws now, wants to be by Louis’ side every day. Louis doesn’t answer for a bit, as if tossing the idea around in his head to weigh the pros and cons.


With that, Louis steps out of the car with his new stuffed bear and makes his way to his house. Harry watches the retreating figure until Louis opens the front door. He uses the teddy bears arm to wave goodbye to Harry before closing the entrance door, and it isn’t until then that Harry realizes he’s missed his chance to walk Louis to the porch and possibly give him a meaningful goodbye.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, Harry tells himself all the way to his house.

When Harry gets to his bed, he swiftly takes out his phone and quickly types out “Goodnight princess” and sends it before his nerves get the better of him.

Louis’s reply is almost instant.

Night, is all it says. Well, Harry will take what he can get, and falls asleep easily for the first time in weeks.

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