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Barely a breem later, the medical bay doors slide open to reveal an over excited and overly dramatic Seeker. It looked like Starscream had worked himself up over imagined injuries to his Commander after the comm. line had been dropped.

“My Lord, we came as swiftly as we could. Where is Knock Out? He should be here watching over you!” The Seeker snapped out with his wings flicked back and twitching minutely. Megatron raised an optic ridge at his puffed up Second. It took Starscream a klik of scrutinizing the silver mech before he deflated a little at noticing how he wasn’t on the medical berth and was seemingly uninjured. “Why are you not lying down?”

“I’m not injured as you can probably tell,” the silver mech said and was pleased by Starscream’s in-eloquent stammering and sputtering. He had yet to notice the berth’s actual occupants.

“Lord Megatron,” Soundwave spoke up and stepped around the Seeker and his flared wings. “Request to know reason for meeting in the medical bay if you are unharmed.”

“I didn’t feel like leaving them on their own.” His voice was quiet as he looked over at the sparklings.

“Them–” Starscream cut himself off when his optics landed on the berth and saw the two occupants. The room was deathly silent for half a klik, but things rarely stayed quiet for long when Starscream was involved after all.

“Sparklings,” the jet surprisingly whispered in awe. He snapped out of his daze quickly though and his helm jerked over to Megatron with optics widening almost comically. The Decepticon leader knew his SIC was about to reach new heights of screeching. “Where in the Pit did you find twin sparklings!”

“Silence!” He snapped at the Seeker not wanting the little ones to be disturbed from their rest. He continued when Starscream snapped his mouth shut. “They were buried under rubble that I passed while retreating from the Autobots. Knock Out said they’re fine, but I didn’t want to leave them alone in case they woke early to find themselves alone in an unknown place.”

The Seeker nodded slowly, his optics still locked on the two younglings as he moved closer to look at them. “They are indeed too young to be left alone for long. You made a wise decision to bring them in, my Lord.”

Starscream co*cked his head to the side as he regarded them before reaching out a servo to touch their plating. A deep growl emanated from Megatron’s chest, causing the Seeker to jerk his servo away as he jumped back from the berth.

“Give me your report and leave, Starscream,” the silver mech snarled menacingly.

"Hehe, of course my Lord,” Starscream laughed nervously and left as quickly as he could. He practically sprinted out of the medical bay.

Megatron turned his gaze back to his Third who was regarding him silently, helm tilted slightly. It was only because of how long he had known the silent mech that Megatron could read the question in his TIC’s body language. “What is it, Soundwave?”

“Request permission to know Megatron’s plans for sparkling twins?

The commander looked back down at the white and blue sparklings next to him, finally deciding on a course of action. “I plan on claiming them as my own and raising them as my heirs.” He said quietly. He was glad he’d kicked his Second out of the room. He could hear Starscream’s shrill shriek perfectly and even the spluttered indignation at his Lord’s decision. Luckily, Soundwave remained absolutely quiet for a few kliks as he thought over the new information and what it would mean for the both of them. It was obvious to Megatron that his Third was also going over his own response and making sure he said exactly what he meant. It was something he’d been working on for a few stellar cycles after they’d more or else crashed into their relationship.

“Soundwave, wishes to assist Megatron with sparklings.” The dark mech finally responded with a slight twitch of his fingers.

“I would gladly take all the help you could give me with them Soundwave.” The silver mech was smiling slightly at his most loyal follower and closest friend. “I don’t doubt I’ll need help with these two and out of the two of use, you have the most experience with raising young mechs. I’ll comm. you when they wake up from their recharge.”

The silent mech respectfully inclined his helm and handed Megatron a datapad, making sure their fingers brushed against each other. He turned and silently left the room. Megatron smirked at his Conjunx’s exit before looking over the datapads in his servos. He let out a huff, subspaced Soundwave’s report, and then started to read Starscream’s. His Second’s reports had shocked him when he first started reading them. They were always straight to the point and almost too business like, something Megatron had difficulty wrapping his processor around considering Starscream’s over dramatic tendencies. He figured it had something to do with the fact that the Seeker had been a scientist and explorer before he joined the Decepticon cause and became not only the Air Commander but also his Second in Command. The reports were usually very thorough, but Megatron knew his Second had a tendency to leave certain things out of them or to put more focus on unimportant things in his need to acquire more political power. At least they never failed to amuse the Warlord.

Soundwave’s reports, on the other hand, were almost the exact opposite of the Seeker’s. Starscream’s reports were usually somewhat colorful or at least amusing to him. His Communication’s Chief tended to turn in dry reports that were mostly redundant until something of import came up. There was also the occasional tidbit of gossip involved, not that either Soundwave or Megatron paid much attention to it. That was Starscream and Knock Out’s area of expertise.

He had made it halfway through Soundwave’s report when he heard a quiet groan and a little whimper of pain. He sent a quick comm. to both Knock Out and Soundwave that the sparklings were coming out of recharge. The Warlord placed the datapads into his subspace and moved his chair closer to the berth, laying a gentle servo against the darker sparkling’s plating. Beautiful golden optics onlined and opened, looking up at him for a moment as they focused on the silver mech’s face plates.

“Who-where?” the little one said groggily, causing Megatron to grin slightly.

“You and your sibling are safe now. There is no reason to worry.” He reassured quietly.

The dark blue sparkling nodded slowly and then pushed himself into a sitting position. His sibling groaned at the lose of a warm frame against his own and slowly onlined his icy blue optics. Both stared up at him in curiosity as their optics focused. Nothing happened for about half a klik.

“Who are you?” The dark blue one asked, co*cking his helm to the side. His pointed audial fins twitched forward in interest.

Megatron actually chuckled a little at the question. It had been such a long time since any mech had asked him that question. Even longer since any mech had asked him out of innocent curiosity. It was a nice change.

“You don’t recognize me?” Both shook their heads and two sets of audial fins perked up in curiosity. “I’ll tell you my designation if you tell me yours.”

“No way!” The white sparkling said and puffed up his armor in an adorable attempt to look bigger and scarier. Megatron just raised an optic ridge at the outburst, but waited for the little one to continue. “We asked you first so you have to tell us who you are before we’ll tell you our designations.”

Megatron couldn't help the chuckle he released at the brave little sparkling and watched with amusem*nt as the sound made the young mechling puff his armor up even more. “If you insist then. I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons.”

“The what?” The dark blue mechling asked as his audial fins dropped slightly and his optics narrowed. He even shifted slightly in front of his twin. Megatron wondered if he had heard the name before and wanted to make sure he was hearing things correctly or if the youngling truly didn’t know who the Decepticons were.

“The Decepticons. We are called rebels by the Autobots because we fight against the Council’s oppression of lower class mechs and wish for everyone to be treated equally.” He explained calmly and smiled at them. He noticed how the white sparkling visibly flinched at the mention of the Autobots and the tiny snarl that echoed from his twin’s vocalizer. Megatron raised an optic ridge at their reactions and decided to guess at why the name bothered them. “So, you do know it was the Autobots who dropped the bombs on your city and near your home?”

Both jerked back and looked at him with wide optics as if he’d just grown a second head. He almost wanted to check too. “They did that too.” Cleanser fluid appeared in icy blue optics and his voice wavered dangerously, catching in his intake. Snowy white audial fins dropped and pressed against his helm as he clutched at his brother’s arm and his plating started to shake.

Megatron never got a chance to really react other than his own optics widening as he reached out to them ready to ask them what had happened. The med bay doors slide open and Knock Out practically stormed in. The sparklings gasped and stared at him with slight horror. “Sorry for taking so long, my Lord. I got held up trying to put a poor Seeker’s wing back together again. Luckily I had my wonderful assistant with me so he could take over when all the delicate parts were fixed. Can’t say Breakdown is exactly happy about it though.” If anything, the smile he sent Megatron’s way just made him more terrifying to the sparklings than anything else; even the fact he was splattered with and dripping copious amounts of energon everywhere he went.

“So I see, Knock Out.” He muttered as the medic went to one of the cabinets and pulled out cleaning supplies for himself. He was complaining the entire time about his paint job and finish being ruined.

The silver mech tried to ignore his vain medic, but the twins just stared at the red speedster with a little bit of awe mixed into their overall fear. The fear in their optics was dissipating as more red showed and more energon disappeared. It made the silver mech grin a little. If Knock Out turned around and saw their looks, his ego would never come back down to the ground. He needed to prevent that from happening or else the medic would be even harder to deal with.

“You two never told me your designations.” Amusem*nt was thick in his voice, but the twins didn’t seem to notice as their attention turned to him instead of the grumbling medic.

“I’m Seacrystal,” The darker blue mechling said before pointing to his brother. “This is Snowdrift. We’re spark split twins.”

“We already know that you’re twins from a quick medical scan.” Knock Out’s voice rang out from the farthest corner as he rubbed yet another cleaning cloth over his armor. Even from where he sat, the large mech could smell the antiseptic fluid on the cloth and crinkled his olfactory sensors at the sharp scent.

“Your sparks are a perfect match to each other that only happens with spark splint twins. Ugh, this is always so much easier with Breakdown’s help” The medic let out another disgusted noise as he failed to reach drying energon on his back plates between his shoulders. He threw the cloth down on the counter and decided to just wait for the other mech to return and help him finish cleaning. It also occurred to him that said cleaning could also happen in a private wash rack later that night and he could probably convince his conjunx to buffer out all the minor dings and scratches he’d gotten that day too.

“Speaking of Breakdown,” Megatron’s smooth voice broke Knock Out from his musings. “Where exactly is your assistant? I would’ve figured he’d want to see these two and not even a Seeker with a broken wing could distract him for very long.”

“Oh, he’s likely still out in the ring or the other med bay doing patches or checking over any other wounded troops if he’s finished with Skyfall. There wasn’t much left to do with his wing and other minor injuries from his crash landing, so it’s likely Breakdown’s moved on. I told him to stay away for a little bit. I want to keep these two in here for a few days to rest and gain more strength before we let others see them. I don’t know how strong their immune systems are and I don’t want to stress them out with mechs and femmes swarming them.”

“Soundwave will be very disappointed. I think he managed to stop working for once and is heading over here right now to see them.”

At the mention of the Communication Chief’s name, the red speedster looked absolutely terrified for a sparkbeat before he forced out a smile. It looked more like a pained grimace than anything else. “As your conjunx and as silent as Soundwave can be, my Lord, I’ll allow him in here to visit for a short time; although I would prefer if his symbionts stayed out, especially Frenzy and Rumble. Those two always cause trouble.”

Megatron nodded and was preparing to answer his medic when Snowdrift started yelling at them. “Hey! What about us! Don’t we get a say in any of this!”

"Snow, quiet down. No one likes it when you yell all the time.” Seacrystal said quietly, grabbing his sibling's arm. The white sparkling went quiet and settled against his brother’s side with a pout on his face.

“I'm only making decisions any doctor would with two young sparklings who have obviously just gone through a very traumatic experience. I’d like you to recharge and refuel and to not go running all over my med bay.” Knock Out explained as calmly as he could. The two sparklings settled down, but Snowdrift kept his plating puffed up slightly.

Knock Out turned toward the Decepticon leader with the intention of asking him a question, but the med bay doors slide open interrupting him. He let out an annoyed huff, but remained quiet and watched the sparklings reactions to the new mech. Soundwave walked in near silence across the room, stopping next to Megatron with a slight bow. He turned to Knock Out and gave the medic a slight nod of acknowledgment.

“Soundwave, I’m glad you could make it. I know how busy you can get at times and how devoted you are to your work.”

Snowdrift and Seacrystal’s optics were wide and glued to the strange, slim mech standing before them. His violet plating gleamed in the dim lights of the med bay. They’d also never seen a mech with spikes quite like his before nor had they seen a mech with so many of them. The visor covering his entire face was new too. Soundwave was unlike any other mech or femme they had seen before. Said mech inclined his helm toward them, making Megatron chuckle slightly. Leave it to his Third to keep up professional appearances in front of sparklings.

"Snowdrift and Seacrystal,” the large mech responded to the quiet question in Soundwave’s body posture. “Knock Out has informed me that they are fine and just need time to rest and recover from the stress.”

Soundwave appeared to go over that bit of information for a klik before his visor filled with scrawling glyphs and charts. Megatron let out a sigh knowing how to read his lover enough to know that meant he had to get back to his monitors and corral a few hundred mechs and femmes. “Soundwave, allowed to return after duties?”

Knock Out wasn’t sure if the twins’ optics could get any bigger, but they did at the unexpected deep voice from the Communications Chief. “Of course,” he said and leaned his hip against a nearby counter. “Just make sure if your symbiotes join you they behave, especially Rumble and Frenzy. They cause enough trouble as it is and I’d prefer it if they didn’t wreck havoc in my med bay. Not to mention the sparklings don’t need rambunctious symbiotes running around.”

“Understood.” With that done, Soundwave turned and left the room just as silently as he had entered it.

Knock Out decided now might be a good time to ask Megatron his earlier question and the one that had been on his glossa since the Warlord had brought the sparklings into the medical bay. “My Lord, if I may, what exactly do you plan on doing with them now?”

Megatron smirked over at the medic. “Since I found them abandoned and brought them in, I figured it’s only honorable of me to claim them as my own and raise them.” The med bay was absolutely silent for about a klik before the sparklings and Knock Out let out a collective shout of “What!?”

Knock Out easily yelled over the other two and they fell silent. “You can't just randomly pick up sparklings and claim them! Did you even think of asking them what they want!?”

“He didn’t!” Snowdrift snapped out only for his brother to shush him. The dark red medic gave Megatron a stern look at the response.

With an amused chuckle, the silver mech turned from the medic to look over at the two younglings. “Well, what would you like me to do? Soundwave is a very busy mech, but extremely capable and I don’t doubt he could find out what happened to your Creators and even find out where they are. Or, you are more than welcome to remain here with us and be my heirs.”

Snowdrift opened his mouth, ready to say something, but his brother quickly covered it with his servo. He whispered something into his twins pointed audio receptor, which lead into a rather heated, whispered debate. It ended with Snowdrift pouting, nearly in tears, and crossing his arms over his chest, slouching in defeat. He refused to look at anyone as his sibling sighed quietly and pressed into his side.

“We want you to look for our Creator’s” Seacrystal started. Megatron managed to hold in his emotions, not letting them show on his faceplates or in his EM field. He didn’t want anyone in the room to know how disappointed he was at that statement. “They tried to separate us and then, when they couldn’t, they just left us on our own. There was no reason for them to do that.”

His voice wavered, nearly breaking and giving out. It was obvious he was trying to be strong, not for the grown mechs in the room, but for his brother. It didn’t really work. Snowdrift let out a stressed whimper and Megatron moved from his chair without a thought to the two sparklings. He perched on the edge of the berth and reached out to them, gently brushing his claws against Snowdrift’s cheek and Seacrystal’s back. Both sparklings froze and looked up at the large mech with wide optics. Snowdrift was the first to break the stillness even Knock Out had been holding, rubbing his face into Megatron’s palm before climbing into his lap and curling against his chassis. Seacrystal moved next, getting closer to the large mech’s side and pushing his back into the servo stroking his plating. It was then he noticed the little protrusions on either side of the mechling's spinal struts that could only be where his doorwings would eventually grow from as he got older and could take on a vehicular form.

The Warlord shift further onto the berth, pulling the darker sparkling onto his lap next to his brother. Seacrystal curled against both his brother and Megatron’s chassis with a quiet sniffle. He tried his best to sooth them. It wasn’t like he had much practice soothing sparklings, the closest experience he had with something like this was soothing and calming Soundwave’s symbiotes, so he ran his claws carefully over their backs in a way that normally calmed Lazerbeak and Buzzsaw. It seemed to work as they both burrowed closer to his stomach. It took Seacrystal almost an entire breem to calm himself down enough to continue.

"We want you to look for them,” he continued quietly. “But we want to stay with you.”

At the quiet admission, Megatron’s spark soared and he didn’t try to hide his smile at their decision nor did he hide how his EM field flared happily. It would’ve been impossible. “Of course you can stay with me here. I’ll have Soundwave look into your Creators for you and see what he can find out. For now though, I think Knock Out wants you two to recharge for a little longer. As your medic, he has more say in the matter than I do. He also worries over all of his patients almost as much as his finish.”

Knock Out made a noise as Megatron chuckled at him. “We’ll only recharge if you promise to stay with us.” Snowdrift said, raising his head a little to look up at the silver mech. His pointed audial fins twitched slightly.

“I’ll stay. I’m sure my Second is more than capable of taking care of things on his own for now. I will have to leave if there’s an emergency though.

Both sparklings’ helms snapped up to look at him with frightened optics at the thought of being left alone. Before either of them got the chance to protest, Knock Out spoke up. “I’ll be staying here as well in my office next door. All you have to do is call out for me and I’ll be in here in a sparkbeat to check on you two. On the off chance Megatron may have to leave, I’ll move my work in here so I can keep an optic on you and you won’t be alone. But you do need to recharge. Your systems are stressed out enough as it is without you two getting the proper amount of restful recharge. When you wake up, I’ll give you each a half ration of energon and check to see how Seacrystal’s split is holding up.”

Megatron narrowed his optics, preparing to ask his medic why the sparklings would only be getting half rations when it was clear they needed more energon, but the little one’s beat him to it. “What splint?” they asked at the same time.

Knock Out pointed to the small metal splint on Seacrystal’s left leg. “It’s only a minor fracture and the splint should only be on for a about a decacycle at most, probably less depending on how quickly and how well your self repair systems work.”

Both sparklings were too preoccupied with staring at the foreign object on one of their legs with wide optics to really hear what the medic had told them. “Why doesn’t it hurt?” The dark blue mechling asked finally with a slight waver to his voice.

“I blocked the pain receptors in that leg, but the block won’t last forever. If the pain becomes too much I can always apply another. I’d like to stay away from pain killers since you’re still so young and you don’t have anything in your tanks at the moment.”

They both just kept staring at the splint, nodding slightly to let Knock Out know they’d heard him. “Why only half rations?” Megatron asked calmly.

“Too much in one go now could over stress their weakened systems. Not only that, but they aren’t that old anyways. A full ration would be too much for them even if they weren’t malnourished.”

“Of course.” He looked down at Snowdrift and Seacrystal, running his claws over their backs again to get their attention. When both looked up at him, he gave them reassuring smile. “Recharge for now, little ones. I will stay here and watch over you. No harm will come to you under my watch and protection.” They nodded and nestled into Megatron’s chassis before powering down and slipping into recharge.

Lost and Found - Chapter 3 - Cheshire_Hearts - Transformers (2024)
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