Total War: WARHAMMER III - Hotfix 5.1.1 - Total War: Warhammer (2024)

Total War: WARHAMMER III - Hotfix 5.1.1 - Total War: Warhammer (1)

Greeting folks,

Today we're rolling out Hotfix 5.1.1, addressing a number of issues that have come to light since the launch of Patch 5.1, along with some additional balancing.

Here's what we've got for you today:


  • Fixed an issue where vassals did not provide income after reloading a save. Vassals will now correctly provide income as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where some unit faction colours were too dark, resulting in their base materials not rendering correctly. Notably affecting empire units.
  • Fixed rendering issues with Empire Outriders' guns which would result in either not rendering the gun or textures appearing weirdly.
  • Fixed an issue where Eldred's Guard weren't using the correct colours.
  • Fixed UI issue where Tower of Zharr district completions effects were missing.
  • Fixed lag in matchmade lobbies, and inability to change spell lores after locking in factions.
  • Increased the Stegadon armour piercing missile damage from 150 to 350, as originally intended.
  • Fixed Legendary Heroes not spawning if your faction capital is besieged, causing you to lose them in a given campaign.
  • Fixed required resource bar in Chaos Gifts panel showing incorrect state.
  • Fixed various character skills that were hidden from certain characters due to being overlapped by other skills.
  • Updated Arkhan the Black's lord select movie to include eye VFX.
  • Fixed an issue where Boris Todbringer was missing some skills in his skill tree.
  • Fixed a number of effects meant to apply to all Nurgle marked units not applying to Bile Trolls units.
  • Fixed an issue with the unique Dwarf Lord Mikael Leadstrong where his unit card would not display correctly.
  • Fixed Cursed Yhetee Jawbone item not modifying armour piercing missile damage.
  • Fixed the timer tooltip in Conquest battle mode showing the wrong winner/loser when the timer runs out.
  • In Realm of Chaos campaign, fixed an issue where armies would teleport if they marched over a Teleport Locus while retreating from a battle in the Tzeentch realm.
  • Removed the Mentor skill from the Legendary Heroes that had it. (This was misleading in most cases where other Heroes gained experienced (e.g. Saytang the Watcher would give experience to Gate Master Heroes) and in some cases, there would be no characters to give experience to. This now makes it consistent across all Legendary Heroes, as some did not have this skill.)
  • Fixed the counter on Book of Nagash showing the wrong values in multiplayer.
  • Fixed slight hang when opening multiplayer campaigns or battles if the player had a lot of multiplayer saves.
  • Fixed settlement label showing temporarily in between pre- and post-battle when autoresolving.
  • Moved the button to swap between lores to the left hand side of the spell UI to give more space to the overcast toggle button.
  • The Empire technology "Protection of the Patriarch" now also applies the ward save bonus to Battle Wizards that are part of garrisons.
  • The Wood Elf technology "Hukon, the Sunderer" now also affects the Enigmas of Ghyran (Zoats) Regiment of Renown unit.
  • The Altdorf College of Forbidden Magic and Altdorf Conclave of Forbidden Magic buildings for Vampire Counts now provide recruitment of the Mortis Engine and Terrorgheist units.
  • Fixed the growth element on horde armies disappearing when selecting a hero inside that army.
  • Improved the visuals of the Chaos Warhounds 2D porthole image.
  • Fixed path of glory contact effects showing placeholder text instead of the correct contact tooltip.
  • Fixed plague immunity icon on settlements not updating its tooltip on turn start.
  • Fixed issue where selecting Gotrek after Felix would make the empty rune slots disappear on Gotrek.
  • Fixed events showing in Mortuary Cult and Forge panels after crafting an item, causing the panel to disappear until the event was dismissed. Events will now only pop after the panel is closed by the player.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer campaigns where upon completing the mission to gain Karanak, the dilemma would appear for players rather than just the player completing the mission.
  • Character type restrictions on ancillaries and magic items tooltip now always show, instead of only showing when trying to equip on an invalid type. (When valid, the text will show yellow instead of red.)
  • Unit upgrades, such as the Wood Elf Aspect Upgrades, are now displayed in a consistent order.
  • The enemy Skaven undercities UI panel no longer goes offscreen when there are multiple entries.
  • Shadowy Dealings will now no longer discover your own Skaven undercities.
  • Cost requirements will now no longer show on horde buildings you have already constructed.
  • The "Warpstone Detonation" ability for Doom Flayer characters in Ikits Workshop no longer erroneously blasts targets with the "kill_self" phase from the Warpstone Detonation army ability, causing the user to instantly die.
  • Fixed a material error for Malekith on Seraphon that caused invisible wings.
  • Fixed a material error on the Knights of the Blazing Sun's shields.

Additional balancing:

  • Karanak:
    • Prey Of The Blood God
      • Damage per tick: 67 -> 33
      • Max number of uses: infinite -> 3
        Karanak was intended to get roughly the effect of a spirit leech alongside his net. Currently his damage per tick is identical spirit leech but it lasts twice as long, we've normalized this.
  • Deepwood Scouts (Swiftshiver Shards):
    • Range 180 -> 155
    • Calibration distance 120 -> 100
      At identical range to the regular deepwood scout arrows, swiftshiver shards outcompeted the regular arrows in every way, we're pushing this back a little to the midway point between the old and new value.
  • Warshrine of Tzeentch:
    • Giver of Arcane Glory:
      • Reserve winds generated per second at maximum intensity: 0.2 -> 0.15
      • Winds regeneration and reserve bonus only applies to the shrine itself. (No longer multiplies the bonuses to winds based on the number of nearby units.)
      • Mastery bonus still applies to all nearby allies.
        While the dark gods are fickle, the gameplan we saw of players obliterating their own units with vortexes to kickstart an ultra rapid infinite mana engine wasn't quite intended. The intention is that your shrine itself is a generator that gets powered up by nearby deaths, not that nearby units become generators themselves, multiplying the payoff many times over. Keep your wizards close, and your forces close but not that close.


  • Generated new up to date scripting documentation for modders including model hierarchy documentation. This can be found by heading to the Steam folder on your PC and navigating to 'steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER III\assembly_kit\documentation\script\script'.

Alongside the above points, we are temporarily removing the ‘Bordeleaux Landing’ map in order to make some necessary improvements. In Patch 5.1.0 we added a number of new maps originating from some of those made by our top community map creators, and after discussion with the original creator of this map, we agreed that it was badly implemented on our part. Our aim is to bring Bordeleaux Landing back in line with the creator’s original vision, and look forward to re-introducing it in a future update. If you’d like to check out the original, you can do so here.

As always, thanks for your feedback and bug reports. Should you experience any issues after updating to 5.1.1 please remember to let us know over in our dedicated bug reporting sub-forum so we can get them logged and investigated.

See you on the battlefield!

—The Total War Team

Updated a day ago.

Total War: WARHAMMER III - Hotfix 5.1.1 - Total War: Warhammer (2024)
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