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3 years ago, BronzeDragon

I read most of my news from USA’s platform

I like USA Today’s general news application on the Apple iPhone. USA Today has started to charge a monthly subscription fee for certain articles but not all, not yet at least. The thing is I wouldn’t mind paying a premium for their content as I’ve stated in previous reviews that I’ve read them for years and they have proven to me well worth it. However there s a negative, chiefly some of the articles which only subscribed paying members can obtain access to can be viewed for free on their very own platform through googling the articles headline. Secondly the monthly subscription price is simply to high. I would be willing to pay a couple dollars at most per month on a permanent basis. One more thing of note would be is perhaps you can view the article for free on google as opposed to the app is perhaps their intending on capitalizing on the convenience of going though the app. If this is the case even though their customers once realized you can obtain the article for free through Google will perhaps still feel like their getting cheated. Hope my review helps in some contributing factor.

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4 years ago, MAugustJeske

Great News. Great Company. Great App.

I actually work for Gannett (USA Today’s parent company)- but as unbiased as I can be - this app is awesome. They are a solid company & provide a well designed app to the everyday person even to the news junkies. As a company - They don’t look to invade your privacy, they have great leadership, they have incredible people working for them and dedicated & award winning reporters who look to bring real news to the people. They are a company who looks to help humanity, further all beings & bring legitimate unbiased news and services in the best of ways. Get the app, select your news preferences, allow the notifications. It’s a lot (as far as notifications go) if you want it to be, but it’s worth it to be updated on the things you want to know. Well done as an app for an employee, or for anyone, and for everyone. Especially during these times. Thanks all.

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3 years ago, DonTheDude

Reporting is not what it used to be

I can remember seeing my first USA Today newspaper back in the early 80’s when I was a young guy in the Air Force. It was so innovative. We always had a copy in our break room. It was always nice seeing som info from my home state. USA Today has changed. I’m at the point now that I’m thinking I need to part ways. For one, I’m really frustrated with the app. It plays video ads that I can’t stop. It pushes subscriber only articles which I don’t want to see since I’m not a subscriber. It nags me to subscribe. It repeats articles in the grid which wastes my time. The app lose my context and completely reloads when I switch to answer a text message and come back. Secondly, the article editing is pretty bad. I see grammar and punctuation errors frequently. It looks like the writers do their own editing. Thirdly, USA Today has lost its focus on news and has become more of an editorial dispenser. This is not a problem unique to USA Today in 2021. The news media in general has lost its ability to inform and has instead tried to become an influencer, bordering on just straight propaganda. Ironically, I have to work harder at getting to facts in 2021 than I did in 1982. Sorry USA Today, you just aren’t excellent at anything these days. Why should you get my eyeballs?

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3 years ago, newshound69

I wish I could rate 4 or 5 stars

I have enjoyed reading the news on the USA Today app for years. Recently the experience changed when some content was blocked and available only to subscribers. I’m sympathetic to the challenges faced by the print media and decided to go with a digital subscription especially since I like USA Today so much. That’s where the frustration started. Once I paid for my subscription naturally I expected to no longer have access blocked as only being available to subscribers but sure enough that is exactly what happened no matter what I did. Even after signing in. Since it was the weekend I only had the chat option for customer support and their suggestion was to call customer support on Monday. So I called customer support on Monday and they told me the same thing - can’t find my account, despite me having a receipt from Apple proving I paid for my digital subscription 48 hours. Their suggestion? Call back in 24 hours! Not sure how that’s going to help. The lack of helpful customer service (precipitated by the lack of a seamless process in 2021 to recognize when a reader has converted to a paid subscriber) holds me back from being able to rate higher than average. Please help!

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4 years ago, thgt3

Frustrating interface

Number one most frustrating issue: every time you set the phone down or switch apps and come back the story you were reading scrolls back to the top of the article. Super annoying and serves absolutely no purpose. Can’t imagine this would be hard to correct, so please make this stop. I beg you. Second, and this is a compound issue: the main news feed refreshes too often. In the past, the top stories section was just that. Just the most newsworthy stories of the moment. Now, you have packed seemingly every story on the platform all into the top stories section. Well, I could live with that except as I work my way through the never ending list of articles, the app refreshes the feed every so often making me lose my place. To add to the nuisance, all the stories are now in a different order so I can’t really ever get back to where I was. Please pick one or the other: 1) go back to the perfectly logical way you had it before where the top stories were indeed the top stories and I will go into the individual sections for more depth on what I want more of, or 2) turn off the occasional refresh and let me do that whenever I feel the need. It’s fine if it refreshes when you open the app, just not during an active session.

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3 years ago, LifeOnTop24

Absolutely Ridiculous

Really trying hard to push their paywall on users. Seems like over half of its content is for “subscribers only” these days. Never used to be like that. If you’re going to create content exclusively for subscribers it should only be that that is not relevant news to the average consumer. I find it ridiculous that there is even one piece of news blocked pertaining to COVID-19. Crazy but USA Today has put COVID articles behind its paywall. You would think regardless of the contents, COVID articles, should be available to EVERYONE. American corporate greed shining through hard. I do not use any social media because I believe it has been the stagnant slow death of the world. Literally useless. People who don’t receive their “news” from social media should have FREE access to whatever is considered news these days. I would hardly pay a dollar for the subscribers only content per year let alone 50 dollars plus for a year. Absolutely insane. Who knew in 2021 you would have to “struggle” to obtain relevant news without paying. Do better USA Today. I used to love this app. Now I despise every time I have to scroll through multiple subscribers only articles to reach access to free ones. Get a clue and separate the subscribers content elsewhere. Don’t waste non-subscribers time.

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3 years ago, mclnpatt

First to Last

This used to be my favorite app. I would spend every morning over coffee reading many of the articles, which were well written, with just about the best political position. Certainly not conservative, but also not too liberal. Awhile back they offered the opportunity to pay a monthly charge not to be bothered by advertisem*nts. I didn’t do that, mainly because with internet, television, and all the other related charges I felt there was already more money goring out then good coming in. I could, and did deal with the ads. Now, the next step is not letting me open the articles I want. More and more I get a banner that says I must be a member, and pay money, to read that article. That doesn’t set right with me. I’m sure the response is going to be that they need money to operate. I’m sure there is some truth to that, the same truth that all CEO’s of large corporations, like Facebook, Amazon’s, Microsoft, need enough money to buy half a dozen huge houses around the country. Not a good path we are going down. Besides, the pure magic of the internet has a lot to do with it originally being developed by the common nerd, for common people, and the good of civilization. True news is one of the most important aspects of the net. It shouldn’t be limited for profit.

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2 years ago, Happy knitter

Itunes subscription doesn’t work

Update May 22– why in the world can’t they fix the bugs in this app? We are paying for premium ad-free, yet frequently I,m blocked from reading a story because “the content is for subscribers”. I then check my account- yes the subscription is acknowledged— so why is the display not working correctly? I’ve been using this app for years and generally satisfied. Less satisfied this year with stale content that lingers for days, weeks, month. Then came the implementation of paid subscriptions. I don’t have a problem with that decision— gotta pay the bills and the newspaper business in general is suffering as the public migrates away from wanting to read newspapers. (Very sad) I did sign up for a premium subscription earlier this summer when it was introduced - despite the annoying video ads smack in the middle of articled. Now my subscription doesn’t work thru itunes —Apple shows it as still being valid on monthly renewal, but even though I go to settings and click on restore purchase, the app will not acknowledge it and I have no premium content. Folks, this is incompetence. Get it together! I’m not going to pay you to not function.

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2 years ago, Erpwood

They killed a great app

It used to be my first stop, my number one app for literally years. Then they started charging a subscription to give you access to some articles, that was fine, I understand why. Some of the articles seemed great and I did consider subscribing, but it was just way too expensive especially when compared to other premium news apps. Still, I generally kept it as my first stop. Then, over the past year or so they have become increasingly aggressive about pushing the subscription service. Pop up’s and push overs on almost every article, every time. It’s like playing one of those annoying freemium games where it’s interrupted with an ad every 5 seconds. And here’s the funny thing: I actually didn’t mind the actual advertisem*nts on the site ever, like the real ads. They had an ok mix. But It’s the constant house ads that are relentlessly pushing the subscription service that has made this app unusable. I have several news apps on my phone and I pay for two, but after the way this app has evolved I would never shell out for it. Sentimental perhaps, because I used to enjoy the print edition when I traveled more, and I read the app every day for literally years. But I was sad to delete it today.

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2 years ago, ThatGuy018

Use to be great, then the poorly implemented paywall started.

This use to be my favorite news app. But ever since they added a paywall it’s gone down hill. It’s always had an ad component to it, and you could subscribe to go without ads for a reasonable fee. This use to work very well, but with the new changes, even if you’re paying for ad free the app “conveniently” forgets your subscription status so that your frequently inundated with ads anyways. On top of that, since they introduced the subscription model for content, more and more content is becoming “subscribers only”. Meaning even if you’re paying for ad-free, you’re still not able to view a lot of content. I finally figured “hey, if I just cancel my ad-free and subscribe to the premium plus ad-free, maybe I won’t see ads anymore and I’ll have all the content available.” No dice. I’ve now paid for a more expensive subscription that the app doesn’t want to recognize at all. I’ve rebooted, re-downloaded, and restored purchases. None of those seems to work. So unless they fix their poorly implemented subscription service, it’s really only a 2 star app at best.

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6 years ago, Dru27

You’re liberally bias, I have no issue with bias if you state it. Stop acting objective

I’m independent and like objective news sources. That’s increasingly hard to find these days, other outlets I appreciate because they state their leanings. I wish the news didn’t lean a certain way, but at least they put the proper disclaimer on it. Like a movie properly rating itself so you understand what you are about to view. You and other news outlets should strongly consider this course of action. It’s disingenuous and misleading to act objective while simultaneously pushing an obviously liberal/progressive agenda. Your editorial board and contributors are liberal leaning at the very least. I’ve seen you post opposing opinions, but overwhelmingly the opinions expressed here are liberal and it doesn’t take a conservative or trump supporter to see that, of which I am neither. I personally feel we all have a bias of some sort, but some are more willing to address and correct it than others. I personally actively try to dismantle my own arguments regularly to see if they can withstand basic scrutiny. Perhaps your network should consider doing the same, or simply state your bias. That would be a good first step toward better serving the people who consume your content.

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6 years ago, KLstil

Pretty, but no longer useful

I've had this app for many years. While it's gotten prettier to look at, it's gotten less useful as time goes on. Absolutely every time I use it, the app shuts down on me no less than three times before I've scrolled all the way through the Top Stories. Also, there are now paid advertisem*nts that look like stories, right within the midst of the real news. If you're not careful, you're actually reading advertisem*nts from sources like The Motley Fool and others. This is deceptive, and rather cheap of USA Today to fund their app this way. Other news apps do not take this approach. On the whole, USA Today app doesn't always have the latest news. I'll read a story from another news source on Twitter that was posted several hours ago, and I'll head to the USA Today app for more information, only to see they haven't even written about it yet. It's usually there by the end of the day, but it's half a day behind other news outlets. On the whole, USA Today is a pretty app that doesn't always work, has paid advertising peppered throughout their real stories and is usually behind other apps in posting the latest news.

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7 years ago, Midwest_Surf_Guy

Over all it's good, video implementation is bad

I use it every day multiple times a day. I like it except for the way they have implemented the videos where they play an advertisem*nt before the video. The problem is they play the same advertisem*nt segments over and over! After a while you get so sick of hearing them that you would never by what they are advertising! The current most annoying thing is that they are slow to show the ads they have in static text articles. So you are reading along and then the text suddenly scrolls down so that you are in a different part of the article! It’s simply maddening! So now you have to scroll back up a screen or two to find your place! It’s kind of like a while back when the ads would hang and you couldn’t watch the video! I am not sure if the problem is my slow internet it their bad programming skills! When they are adding the ad content that is off the screen they SHOULD NOT CHANGE THE SCROLL! I am guessing that the guys programming this do not use it on their iPhone otherwise they would not make such an obvious mistake.

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3 years ago, Nadmoorv

Overall and latest update critique

1. If you want consumers to look at multiple items why do you force them to see the same ad over and over. Can't you get more than one advertiser. Does the advertiser think seeing the same ad 6 times an hour helps? 2. Why such big pictures for the stories, it is news not advertising, you should not be promoting the item so much, give a clear item title and I'll pick the ones I'll read. You can list many items more concisely that way. 3. Too many items are in multiple sections. 95% of the stories should be in their section; sports, tech, money, etc. only. Or else do not have sections at all. 4. The new revision makes it harder to quickly update the stock market report. 5. Please restrain your self on videos. I'd like this to be much more like a newspaper. Write clear accurate items I can read. Yes I know videos are neat but I can get them a thousand other places. 6. If you can not restrain yourself on videos, make a video only section

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6 years ago, Magneticnorth124789

This app has lost its way

Years ago the USA Today App was a solid news delivery platform that incorporated national, international, and local news into a UI that functioned flawlessly. Today, after many updates to the UI it is now one of the most dysfunctional apps with a user experience that delivers the maximum amount of annoyance. While its AP and broad network content remains, that content is buried beneath a confused, glitchy interface that prioritizes junk trending articles and video advertisem*nts that take over the screen and audio. Moving through the platform, trying to uncover the quality content, and reading articles is a joyless and even torturous run through an obstacle course of “features” that fight for attention and keep the words of the news articles jumping around the screen out of view. The very idea of reading - which is the central activity of news readers is insulted by a UI that has the design markers of a member of the zero attention span Snapchat Generation. No participation trophy for you, this app is a failure. A failure which gets worse and less content prioritized with each quarterly update.

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7 years ago, JV58

Good Content, But Text Shifts Too Quickly

Overall, I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the USA Today app on my iPhone and iPad for several years. Good content, reasonable balance. I do perceive a bit of a liberal/left bias, but in their defense, they do post opinion pieces from a conservative viewpoint, and they do a good job of identifying and labeling opinions that may be biased when they are posted. My only criticism with the current app is that the text shifts forward in the article as the ads load, and causes sections of articles to be skipped ahead. This happens sometimes 2-3 times while reading an article—definitely frustrating when trying to read through the article. (I’m trusting this problem will be addressed.) Overall, a good source of information that I’ll continue to use.

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5 years ago, Jahobi

I’m looking for news not opinions

This used to be a great newspaper with reporters that gave unbiased opinions. Now it seems that they view the world through jaded lenses. I just read an article titled Canadians boycott American product. Let’s start with the title, “Canadians” a plural! Yet only one Canadian was named in the article outside of “other Canadians” what f@&$”);! Other Canadians?! How many of said Canadians?! What impact is this having on the U S economy?! How bout some f,?!&$@ facts instead of a one sentence quote from a small business woman in rural Canada? If it’s national news give me a national story with definitive facts that have numbers and dates and not words like greatly or negatively! Tell me how negative, tell me what it’s going to do! I like the news because I like to stay informed. I don’t give two s$&@! About one reporters opinion. If you have an experts opinion I want to know why their an expert and why their the ones I should listen too. And I swear I don’t care about a neighbor from down the streets opinion when it comes to national news unless there some documented expert on the situation that may be unfolding!!!!

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3 years ago, The true spork

Bye bye

USA TODAY used to be my go to app for news. Fast and good and usually no VPN necessary. Slowly we have drifted away from each other. They need to make money, which is cool, me too, I understand. However now like 80% of the content is for subscribers only and so I have to scroll and scroll to find something readable. Problem is that the quality with USA TODAY was never that high anyway unlike Time and Forbes etc., who themselves constantly make spell check errors and language usage errors. Hey me too, I feel for you guys but nobody’s paying me not to do that. They’re not worth paying for either, because well, nobody reports news anymore either, they just editorialize. I don’t want to give money to have my head molded when I can get that anywhere else for free. Are there even editors anymore? Ah well. I imagine they get some money from all those ads pretending to be news articles. And the ads. Off the soap-box. I have no need for finger exercises so bye bye USA TODAY, I wish you the best. Delete.

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3 years ago, Josh2213

New subscriber option is garbage

I have used the USA Today News app for quite awhile now(many years). I typically don’t write reviews but my once favorite news app is going down hill. The new subscriber option is quite annoying, and gates information behind a subscription. I have also noticed the article titles to be very “click baity” which is a sad turn for this app. It’s fine to have exclusive articles but the annoying part is there currently is not a way to filter subscriber options so all the articles are thrown together on one feed (public and subscriber only reads). If you don’t sub, you will have a lot more limited reading. Again a simple filter option for non-subscribers would fix this. I know many others have the same complaint and I hope USA Today realizes their recent faults in updates and changes direction of their app.

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2 years ago, 750360000

Could be great but needs work!

Love the writing. The selection of articles gives an excellent cross section of the morning news. BUT, the app itself seems to have been forgotten. I start to read the articles and leave 1 or 2 to come back to while read on. I might be half way through the top stories and suddenly the app refreshes and I’m back at the top with 1 or 2 new articles but the ones I planned to come back to may be gone. And I have to read though the whole top stories page again to hopefully find what I missed. Some (more often than I would expect, the stories I planned to revisit are gone) of stories I never find again. You have been my go to morning read but, I you’ve just about broken me. There are just too many alternatives to go too. Simple fix is put an update button at the top to give control over the timing of updates. Oh, and this nickname thing is very frustrating!!!!

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2 years ago, hotdude724

USA Today Price Gauging

Your paper makes huge profits selling ads for the online readers. Now you are forcing people to pay $4.99 more per month to read the best stories. Disgusting for you to go into this direction. Many people need the news everyday and on fixed incomes and can’t afford to pay for news. I have to travel a lot for my job . For the past 12 years I get up, and start my day by reading your newspaper so I can stay current on what is happening in the world. I have purchased dozens of products from the ads. Now I am retired on a budget. Going forward I will stop reading your paper and read Google News and another paper daily. Thanks for being loyal to your customers! Joe Reuber Enon, Ohio

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2 years ago, suetootall

USA TODAY learned what Educated America Wants

I knew there had to be a reason behind the sustainability that USA Today has had since it's fragile Nationwide beginning in the 80's through 2000. . and So I recently gave it a re-try. The Newspaper has gotten much much better, it has real in-depth Journalism today. Whereas originally, this Newspaper used to be an AP headline redundant (repetitive) Paper. I have no clue as to when USA TODAY became less mediocre and got better staffed. Glad though that I started reading this Newspaper's articles occasionally when they popup in my news reel online. Respect and Thanks to their Editor(s) , Proofreaders, Photojournalists, Journalists and Web Designers. Great Work in refreshing and Reinventing USA TODAY.

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7 years ago, Mr. cash tye

Super improvement

Usatoday rolled out a much better update. I love how news is divided into section at the bottom of the tabs. Much cleaner feel. I will change my old review from 1 star to 5 star. Below is reference to my old review: USA today DID NOT perform any update what so ever that was satisfactory to the user community. There is still no way to change to a dark background. The ads are still as big and a nuisance. Their top story section is a mess, unlike previous versions which was a great viewing experience but this version makes me skip it. I use to use USA TODAY exclusively but I might have to move to cnn or other competitors, I give them 2 more updates before I am completely turned off.

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6 months ago, Art, K1LWC

eNewspaper TTS reader Issues

I listen to the USA Today eNewspaper. I love the Contant of the paper but have some issues with the reader. First, the voice is dated and not up to today’s standards. Second, voice reading soeed reverts to The default setting wth each new article. Third, when listening to an article, if you navigate away from the app or apply the screen lock, reading stops. And finally, the reader sometimes cannot start, displaying an hour glass. You are prompted to hit the play button again and again. It would be efficient if you could select all text, copy it and place it into a separate reading application such as a speechify or voice dream. I am looking forward to improvements in TTS to enhance my enjoyment of USA today.

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4 years ago, HermanMaestas

Goodbye USA Today

Once again USA Today updated their app to "enhance my experience. Once again all it does is lead to more and more app crashes. Additionally as time has gone on the app has become less and less usedul. News isn't posted in a timely fashion. Stories stag up for too long. You often find out day occurrences the day after they happen and in reality these items are news stories but are essentially the very paid ads tjat I pay a subscription for to avoid. They recently split Life and Entertainment into two sections but the stories are essentially the same. Bottom line all this app is is one big ad to try and get you to subscribe to their daily news updates which wouldn't be needed if theyd just post stories in a timely fashion. I can get crosswords elsewhere. Time to finally stop throwinf good money after bad and do away with this app. Please learn from my experience. Find somewhere else if you're after a quality news outlet.

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5 years ago, KDub102.4

Shifting text....

I have read USA today for years, in both subscribed paper form and now digitally on my iPad. I still love USA Today, but the shifting text is maddening. Frequently, while reading an article, the article shifts quickly to another part of the same article as though some new material has been added somewhere. Then, I’m forced to search for my previous spot to return to my reading. Also, often when hitting the back arrow at the top left of the app, the app jumps to the very beginning of the newspaper section, causing me to have to scroll, scroll, and scroll some more to get back to the location of the last article I was reading. A real pain. I sure hope a future bug fix will take care of these hiccups. I am reluctant to move to a paid subscription until these bugs are resolved.

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6 years ago, RENOLUKE

What happened?

USA Today used to be one of the pillars of fair and unbiased news outlets. They were always my go to source for all news. Unfortunately USA Today has become extremely biased towards the left (I am, and will continue to be a registered Democrat). Leanings, left or right, should only be published in opinion pieces. Leave the biased “news reporting” to Fox News and the Huffington Post. Also USA Today, your incessant coverage of “celebrities” and publishing of articles about “celebrities” should be left to your Life section. I should not be inundated with articles about a bunch of people I don’t care about. I understand that there are many who relish in the life of others, but let them relish in the section they belong not your Top Stories. In light of these two I have currently deleted your app, but I will download occasionally to see if you have rediscovered your journalistic integrity. PS Your sports coverage is still top notch, but not enough to keep me.

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4 years ago, BRartistNYC

NYTimes Subscriber LOVES USA TODAY

I was born in NYC and still live here, age 72. I have a Master’s Degree, a bit of journalism background, and have subscribed for home delivery of the NYTimes my entire adult life until the pandemic made me use online services. So I have been reading a wide variety of papers from around the world. I realize that the Times dispatches its own reporters, whereas USA Today relies mostly on wire services, but the variety of serious headline stories you cover and present to my iphone via your app, is far superior to what comes in from the Times. Also, you seem more level-headed, as I have been detecting a shocking series of biases at the Times, as compared to, for example, you, the Manchester Guardian and the Washington Post. Keep it up!

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6 years ago, walshgolf

Come to the party

First of all, if you want to be a great nation, there are moments that should be cherished for a lifetime. If I were in charge of education, I would declare this Wednesday “a no school day for all of New England”. Businesses would make out. The kids would always remember it. Everyone would have a legal chance to attend instead of skipping work or school, and most of all the attitudes of the people would be jolly for a change instead of hearing the gloomy problems of our country with hate crimes and bad mouthing our politician’s decisions every time they make a vote. Stand up America and enjoy the fruits of this great nation. I’ll see you in Boston this Wednesday, and I guarantee you there be many people with smiles on their faces!

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3 years ago, big_knowles

What happened to USA Today?

The USA Today used to pride itself on being centrist, objective news media that gives both or multiple perspectives to a story. Opinions were always clearly labeled as such and at least 2 were offered. In the last couple years, the paper has taken a hard left and now uses the same twisted words, skewed perspectives, and outright omission of inconvenient facts the far left wing “news” outlets use to push an agenda, not inform the reader so that they can formulate their own opinion. It is sad that the USA Today has retreated from journalism and ventured into the agenda pushing and social engineering that has caused so much division in our country today by way of manufactured outrage. Outright insulting to any of its readers with an ounce of intelligence who remember when the paper possessed journalistic integrity. It’s time to toss it aside as it’s now become as informationally worthless as any other piece of rubbish.

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1 year ago, Liz Martin

Your system for signing in is archaic and useless

You’ve lost a potential customer b/c no matter what I do, your system keeps doubling back to the sign in page for your c/w puzzle. Once, I looked forward to reading the news and doing the puzzle. That’s all crap now. When will you guys ever understand the chance for you to harvest more info or subscribers is seen as the scam it is, in a large majority of folks. The more things evolve, the worse you manage to make them. I just spent (wasted) 15” trying to create a p/w, sign I or o/w address the requirements of your site. Forget it, I’ve been a USA Today subscriber for 20 years….that ended today.

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7 years ago, Matt D Clark

Whats wrong with SIMPLICITY??

Maybe I have to many fond memories of USA today the news paper and the original App. I raised my star from 1 to 3 but im tired of being sent to another online source to read some articles.. either they are in the paper or they are not. Im begging you PLEASE restore the beautiful categories you used to have on the main page.. now i have to click all over the place to get to the sections... LESS clutter... MORE reading and smooth content... that I would gladly pay a small fee for! AS OF NOW THE App feels more CLUNKY and CLUTTERY. The Original (voted the number one app of the year when it came out) was great for a reason. Headlines and content were easy to find because the app felt like a newspaper. Try and remember that original and extremely intuitive experience when you do your next upadte!

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3 weeks ago, Mountairy

Continues to Disappoint

I have contacted USA Today several times about their continued use of auto-play video ads. I get the use of ads; don't like them, but I understand why I must endure them, so it is not necessary to respond about why you use ads; we all know about ads on free apps. What I do not understand is why this NEWS app continues to use auto play for advertising with no means for the viewer to opt out. Recently the auto-play ads are for app games; they excessively loud and played over and over and over when reading the app. A Monopoly-based game is the current offender, but there have been and are now many others. Many people have limited data plans and videos are data eaters. I prefer to use my data on NEWS and not video game ads. I prefer to choose what videos to watch myself and not have someone else decide for me. Please stop these auto play ad versions!

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1 year ago, ccswan

Won’t recognize my subscription

UPDATE: Increasing rating to 5 stars. The developers responded to my review to offer solutions to my issues listed below, and how to get more assistance if I needed it. I appreciate their professional and quick response. Original review: Every time I use the app it doesn’t remember that I’m already an active subscriber. I have tried many workarounds, but I can’t continue to pay for an app that doesn’t let me utilize it. Lastly, I like your content and adding the local digital options is great, but it’s really difficult to navigate and manage specific content that I want to see.

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4 years ago, liz weq

User privacy is ignored, links are misleading

The privacy option in settings refers users to a page that has no working links. The page lists to click on the headings to adjust various privacy settings, and the headings aren’t actually links (nothing happens when you select them). So, I couldn’t actually edit anything if I wanted to use the app. I emailed My feedback weeks ago and got more or less a “thanks for your feedback!” Then after speaking today to my husband about our thermometer being cheap, an ad pops up as I’m scrolling through USA Today within hours of a $70 thermometer. Unbelievable. Deleting this app bc our privacy is important and I’ve not received a personalized response to my original complain about the false page to edit privacy. If I can’t remove targeted ads or my information being shared, I can still get my news elsewhere from sources that are less shady.

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3 years ago, John KG

Bye, after many years...

I used to open USA Today FIRST on my phone, to see the news. Then it became MORE than obvious that this was no longer a ‘news reporting’ service, but one heavily loaded with propaganda. Not just the slanted, biased news being reported, also in the selective way ‘news’ was being un-reported, or under-reported if it didn’t align to certain narratives the ‘newspaper’ was CLEARLY advocating. I say SHAME ON YOU for advocacy instead of news reporting. I could (and did) overlook the annoying ad content and jerking screens as ads loaded, but when I got a ‘notification’ on my phone for a ‘news’ article I clicked on to follow up and read, but was met instead with a requirement to subscribe - that was the final straw. I will NOT pay for such obvious bias, hoping to eke out some actual factual content along the way. Buh-bye (spelling error intentional) instead of bye bye $.

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3 years ago, CaneRiver


USA Today has been a staple of my day for years. It has been the first news I read in the morning, and the last I read before I went to sleep. Today, I clicked on an article that was at the top of my USA Today “News Feed” and it said Subscription Required. I then read an article from the editor about this new policy and an attempt at justifying it. I immediately removed the app from my phone. I completely understand that advertising is necessary to support your efforts, however EVEN ONE ARTICLE that requires a subscription to read is too many. I am sorry to see you go. Hopefully you decide that this was a mistake and change your plans. Hopefully if and when you do, I will find out about it. If not and until, I will be getting my news somewhere else, and some other source will be getting the advertising dollars from my views.

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6 years ago, These Dogs are Barkin'

Went from my go to, to my never use

I have been patiently waiting for USA Today to fix the horrible ad execution they released but it now seems it is intentional. The ads now dominate the content. It feels a bit like reading ads, with annoying snippets of news between them. Additionally they set the ads to load when scrolling so that they force people to accidentally click an ad they don’t even know is there yet. I realize that ads are paying them per click but this seems like a dishonest way of getting clicks. Lastly in regards to the content. It seems the content has become more tabloid paper in nature. I see so many politically enriched self serving articles that in makes me a little sick to my stomach. I would do anything to find a news source that simply reported on relevant news and did not put any opinions in. Simply give people the facts and let them form there own opinions.

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5 years ago, IMAGEJN

Would’ve Been A 5 Star But...

I open this app up daily for my news updates, and have been for years now. But, it seems that whomever is in the app update Support department has glanced over my glitch suggestion of not being able to see the topics that mean the most to me under the tabs of the topics I wanted to be alerted on. I get the alerts, but the app won’t let me see the topics and keeps referring me to try again later. After weeks of seeing this and getting the alerts to open the app to see some of those topics and then seeing the “try again later,” I figured that a review was in order since I haven’t seen a reply to my concern. Maybe one day I’ll actually be able to see the topics that mean the most to me since it has been offered to be provided.

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5 years ago, AzeotropeETOH

This app deserves its own circle in hell

This app has gotten out of control with ads. This is the first time I've ever seen ads that pop up with absolutely no input from the user. All of a sudden your phone is full of web sites and App Store offerings for stuff completely unrelated to what one happens to be browsing in the USA today app. This crap has increased in frequency to the point where it is no longer the main source of news for me. To avoid the hassle get yourself a copy of Feedly and ditch this app. These people don't seem to have any sense on limiting the distraction of their advertising. I'm not gonna enable that kind of behavior any more.

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2 years ago, dollardee404

Need more current news topics

I used to love this app. Best place for today’s headline news. Unfortunately now the top articles listed are paid subscription items. And at $50 a year (5 bucks a month) this is a bit much for content. So I have tried a subscription and for the articles that are featured there, I do appreciate the detail and journalism that goes into the subscription articles, but it’s not enough to warrant that high of a subscription price. Other newspapers with online subscriptions cost much less for their content and often with the same level of journalism. I don’t remember getting a break on ads when you have a subscription either so there’s no benefit of getting a subscription besides just to read more articles you don’t have access to.

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5 years ago, SazeracBoy

Convenient but also annoying

I like the app because it is easy to get news fast. I like that it is fairly neutral, though you can read bias. It’s not NPR however. Two things I don’t like is articles that take you to a video. Why don’t you just let me read. If I want a video, I’ll turn on the TV. Let me decide by providing an article to read, then let me have an option to watch a video if I want. Another thing I wish they’d stop is putting links to twitter and other articles in the middle of the article. When I’m scrolling too often my thumb will inadvertently touches the hyperlink and it jumps to the another article. Please make it so it requires a long press before moving to that link.

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3 years ago, JMN473

Crossword Puzzle Issues

I have been an avid USA Today crossword user for ages. They’ve been my entertainment on SO many flights thanks to their easy interface and ability to open multiple puzzles at once so that I can do the puzzles offline. I understand the shift of subscription fees. I mean, YES, I’d like to do the puzzles for free, but I can pay the subscription before I travel and cancel when I’m not. What’s going to keep me from doing the puzzles at all is how buggy the new interface is. It doesn’t connect to my iPad’s case keyboard at all. Having to watch another add every time I switch my screen and come back is exhausting. The puzzle glitches and shuts down. The older system would do that sometimes but the current interface seems to do it all the time, even after I’ve updated the app. Such a shame. RIP Crosswords!

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4 years ago, Mad former subscriber

No longer content with journalism

There was a time in my life when I got to read real journalism. Even the USA Today has now completely bitten on the apple of journalistic activism. I feel bad for the generations that are coming up. I hope this is a phase but a representative democracy is helped so much by strongly neutral journalism. Your organization’s choices in recent years have disappointed me and so many other citizens in ways you don’t appear to understand. I hope you do some soul searching over the incredibly noble purpose true journalism serves. It is a much higher calling than being a self righteous activist rag with one readership in mind. I hope some of your staff will fight persuasively for presenting news without the unprecedented spin. Please. But if getting clicks from like minded activists is what you want, know you have settled for something FAR less noble than what you could be.

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2 years ago, jjjjfort

Used to be my source

As the title states, this used to be my main source of information in regards to applications covering news. I’ve been a loyal subscriber to USA today for approximately 10 years now. I should mention that I’m in my late 20s, but have always had a passion for reading the news rather than watching. USA Today has gone downhill with the overwhelming amount of ads and pop-ups aggressively trying to get you to subscribe. This is ultimately pushed me away from using USA TODAY as my daily source of information. While a subscriber, I still ran into tons of issues with a Videos and getting locked out of four subscriber content although I was paying. The only reason I gave it two stars rather than one was because I felt one would be doing it a disservice.

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3 years ago, JWM CPO

Great paper; erratic app

USA Today has long had poorly written apps and yesterday’s update reinforces that reputation. I’m trying to support their journalism by paying for a subscription, but having a glitzy app that no longer allows selecting font size or recognizes landscape orientation makes it a pain to read compared to Kindle and hundreds of other online apps. Before subscribing, I did contact their Chat support and was assured that paid subscribers would be able to forward Subscriber Only articles to family members. Turns out they can’t open them unless they too become paid subscribers. Poorly trained Chat reps? Marketing ploy? It’s been years since reading USA Today online was a simple, reliable experience and I’m about to give up in frustration…

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3 years ago, azjogger

A step backwards

I liked the previous versions of the app. This one doesn’t even open up. Crashes rvery time. I even deleted the app and re-downloaded it. Opened one time. Crashes every time now. The newer version keeps pestering me bout getting the paid version. No way I will pay for it when the editing is terrible, news stories that are “new” only have one or a couple of words changed. Wastes my time rereading the same article I did yesterday or the day before. How about being like Reuters and saying at the beginning “This article updates the third sentence in the second paragraph with …”. That is something useful to me. If you want someone to pay for an app, make it grammatically correct and up to date. Don’t get me started on news outside the US. Went from an average app to a terrible app.

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3 years ago, ItsMeJana

Thanks for staying upbeat

I'm tired of news outlets focusing on people who are outraged and throwing gasoline on every fiery controversy just so they can get more eyeballs on their news. Thank you for not doing that. I know I can check in the news on this app every morning and not have my day ruined by being pulled in to some news outlet's drama of the day. As a global traveler, I can tell you that it's not a scary world out there, as the general American public now believes. It's a beautiful world. Thank you for keeping a balance in focus, not just on the left and the right but on good news as well as bad.

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5 years ago, LC1948

Good, but used to be better

The Huge ads are annoying because it is sometimes hard to scroll past them without selecting them. I also find it annoying that several of the Top Stories are all on the same subject - the latest shooting, earthquake or award show. Maybe develop sub-categories. For example under award shows have multiple subcategories the user can select: fashion, winners, entertainment numbers, joke winners & bombs, etc. Then if I don't care about the award show I could skip it altogether. Another annoying feature is how the app will periodically return you to the top while you are in the middle of reviewing other stories. Please stop that!

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6 years ago, William Michael

Don’t waste your time - Tabloid News

If you are thinking about giving USA Today a try for the first time, forget about it unless you like to bully others and love hate speech. Neutral news today is almost impossible to find. For a moment in time I gave USA Today an opportunity to be one of my sources of news as I am tried of constant President Trump bashing regardless if I am against or for him. USA Today is no different. They line and love to report negative news reports about Trump as well as his relationship with his wife. It’s interesting how we want to stop bullying in schools and across society yet the media, including USA Today and celebrities seem to get a pass on bullying, which isn’t right. It is hate speech and USA Today is similar to reading the National Enquirer. Perhaps feedback from readers such as me should be taken seriously as representing only one view point all the time amongst the masses isn’t wise as we live in a world where people have differences of options and expect the news to present all news all the time in a fair and non-bias way. I am disappointed in you USA Today and it’s not too late to change the way you report news as you are in a position to be that neutral source of news I and others want so badly.

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